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21-Note Harmonette Busker Organ
The amazing Harmonette busker organ is a portable 21 note street organ that can be taken virtually anywhere, and is easy and fun to play.  The beautiful tone is produced by real organ pipes, which provide plenty of volume for both indoor and outdoor playing.  The organ is so easy to turn that it can be played all day without fatigue, and the use of a miniature system to store the music allows a complete library of many hours of music to be carried around in your pocket.
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Mini-20 Organ
The Mini-20 is a bellows-operated version of the Harmonette.  There is no crank handle to turn, you just sit back and enjoy the music!  Similar to the Harmonette in most other respects, and available in various case styles.
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Modular Kit Organ
30-key Modular organ. Pipes, Blower, Chest, Harmidi player system and disc drive. A suitable case and front is all that is needed. Typical spec: 12 melody Bourdon pipes, 8 Accompaniment, and 5 Bass pipes. The unit can be easily expanded with drums, glokenspiel and extra pipes now or later, when funds permit.
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