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Developed jointly by Alan Pell and Melvyn Wright, the amazing Harmonette busker's organ is a portable 21 key street organ that can be taken virtually anywhere, and is easy and fun to play.  It can be carried around on a strap, rested on a pole, or placed on a stand or traditional cart. The beautiful tone is produced by real organ pipes and bellows, which provide plenty of volume for both indoor and outdoor playing. Harmonette

The organ is so easy to turn that it can be played all day without fatigue, and the use of a miniature system to store the music allows a complete library of many hours of music to be carried around in your pocket.  In addition, many innovative features have been provided on the instrument which are impossible on a conventional roll-playing organ. Some of these features allow you to add your own artistic touches to the music, making the organ very rewarding to play.

Forget those bulky rolls, and the endless threading and rewinding.
Just plug in a small music cartridge, turn the handle, and off you go!
Up to one hour of music available instantly at your fingertips.

The most sophisticated hand-turned organ ever produced

Attractive two-colour pipework. Bellows can be seen working behind pipes.
Manual tremulant control allows you to add your own personal touch to the music.
Tempo of music varies with speed of crank handle. Fixed tempo mode for playing 'on the move'.
Crank handle ratio can be varied during play, allowing dramatic tempo or wind pressure variations.
Optional brass bell and slider control. Optional tremulant slider knob. Two speed tremulant.
Looks like a traditional roll-player when played with the lid closed.
Various playing modes, including Autoplay, Single Play, Repeat Play, Fast Forward, Music Search,
    and Standby mode to reduce power consumption.
Electronic and 'pneumatic' player modes.
Remote socket allows two or more organs to be played together to produce a grand concert effect.
Crank handle speed can be adjusted to suit your own style of grinding.
Cheap music - approx. 1/3rd the cost of equivalent roll music.
Cartridges contain up to 32 tunes of your choice.
The cartridge system is expandable to over 100 tunes per cartridge.
7 hours of cartridge music occupies the same space as a 7 minute music roll!
Special purpose cartridges are available for weddings, parties, hymns, etc.
Built-in demo music, tuning and testing routines, and customising options.
Security PIN code makes organ useless to a thief.
Powered by its own internal rechargeable battery, mains, or car battery.
2-hour and 10-hour batteries available. Battery can be changed on location.
Dimensions: 365 x 280 x 410mm. Weight approx. 9kg (excl. battery).
Special casework, brasswork, and decoration to order.
Perfect for pubs, parties, weddings, carol singing, fund raising, etc.

See Alan Pell's web site for more details and current prices, etc.

The Mini-20 Organ

The Mini-20 is a blower-operated version of the popular Harmonette organ.  Instead of turning a crank handle you can sit back and listen to the music!
Available in various case styles.  See Alan Pell's web site for more details and current prices, etc.

A delight to play - A joy to listen to

Music playing:  The Happy Wanderer  arranged for the Harmonette by Melvyn Wright  


There is a large user-base of Harmonette owners in the U.S.A. and an American distributor, who also publishes a Harmonette newsletter.

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