The John Smith Senior 20 Organ

by John Smith

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Many have been asking me what next? Now they are playing their first small and lightweight organs. OK I thought it was time to work out a larger street version with some extra and more challenging features and using some more professional methods and materials in the construction. Now after a year’s development, I have produced an extra manual to go with the original. You can now build an organ with louder voicing, fast rewind, slightly larger and heavier at 20 lbs. With an animated 4-function Conductor. I give you some of the secrets of how these are made to work. The new organ utilises the same 20-note scale and 40mm wide paper/plastic rolls. There have been so many who are using Melvyn Wright's music, or have made their own, that I thought it a good idea to make this a standard for the two Smith organs.

I have called the new organ the "Senior 20" and it is an advanced follow-on from the first organ for more ambitious builders. This is a similar package to the first with a new video and there is an option to have a kit of some of the parts and also a deluxe kit containing the finest leather for the bellows for perfection.

Only the front panel and the looks of your conductors have been left to your skill and imagination.

John Smith - November 1998

The Senior 20 has now been very successfully built by a number of people, including some who had not started with the Busker.  I have now added sufficient new information to this package  to enable it to be seen as a stand-alone design, and not just a follow-on project.  Both packages will now be the same price  however, to reflect the common information in them.  Anyone ordering a second set, even at a later date, will get a £12 discount.

John Smith - November 1999

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