Alternative Connecting Rods

by Andy Wedge

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Alternative Connecting Rods
Not that there is anything at all wrong with John's method, I just decided I wanted to try a slightly diferent approach.

It came to me while making my hardwood bearing blocks that the same design can be modified to suit a conrod top.  So I went about making them.

I also had some 4mm mild steel rod sitting around so used this to make the two conrod shafts. I tapped an M4 thread at the bellows end to provide an adjustable fitting, cushioned by cork washers.

I also picked up some little brass collets with grub screws from a model shop, which are perfect to finish the half crank for the front bellows.  And I also fitted two of these at the handle end of the crank, one either side of the end wall to prevent any back and forth movement while cranking.


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