Busker Organ Air Supply

by Ronald Walters

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Busker Organ Air Supply
Having never built anything like a bellows or reservoir I decided to do a test build of the Busker using scrap materials and an old leather jacket. I used the bellows and reservoir to build a motorized air supply for testing pipes.

I later decided to forgo the Busker project in favor of building the Senior 20. The air supply included an air box and a pair of valves which proved to be very handy for testing pipes and tracker bars.

There is not a lot of difference in the construction of the Busker and the Senior 20.

Click on the links to see the videos

1 Bellows & Reservoir Frames

2 Flap Valves and Bellows

3 Fish Glue

4 Bellows and Reservoir Installation

5 Motor Drive and Gears

6 Manometer Test

7 Air Box and Valves

8 Pipes

Playlist for all the above videos 1 to 8    

I also have a video series on building the Senior 20.

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