Building the Senior-20 Organ

by Ronald Walters

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0 Introduction

1 Bellows and Reservoir part 1

2 Bellows and Reservoir part 2

3 Pressure Box Lid

4 Take-Up Spool

5 Pressure Box Assembly

6 Cranking Wheel

7 Rewind Pulleys and Drive Discs

8 Rewind Handle

9 Spools and Crankshaft

10 Pressure Box Review

11 Redrilling A Hole

12 Idler Disc

13 Rewind Hex Drive

14 Hose Connection

15 Clutch Mechanism

16 Crankshaft and Con Rods

17 Base

18 Lid Latch

19 Motor Mount

20 Drive Motor Adapter

21 Motor Mount and Pipe Config

22 Making Pipes

23 Tracker Bar

24 Tracker Bar Testing

25 Front Pipes

26 Making The Case

27 Rewind Mechanism

28 Test Roll & Conclusion

 Playlist for all the above videos 0 to 28

I also have a video series on building
the Busker organ air supply

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