Pipe Stopper Knobs

by Dave Windmill

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Pipe Stopper Knobs
I had problems with a good way that looks good to make stopper knobs. I eventually came across a way of using kitchen shelf ornamental edges from a local kitchen supplier. It comes in various colours.

The method is fairly self-explanatory from the photos:

1- This is how it starts, (they do come in longer sections too)

2 - Cut in half

3 - The 3 stages.

4 - Removed from the bases.

5 - Fitted, they can be finished in what ever colour to match.

Another idea from Don Johnson

Seeing Dave Windmill’s item on the same subject prompted me to offer another option:  The tops of traditional ‘Dolly’ clothes pegs.  Packs of pegs can be obtained cheaply on Ebay, and the tops can easily be cut off to make suitable knobs.

There are even coloured plastic versions available as well as traditional wooden ones- which can be varnished or painted as desired.

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