Using a Tablet to play Organ

by Steve Bowman

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Using a Tablet to play Organ
I doubt this is a new idea but I have not seen it used yet:

I considered using a Palm Pilot for playing a John Smith Busker Organ which was converted to play MIDI files, but the technology is old and to get what is needed and set up to use looked complicated, so I looked at using a smart phone.

The technology to play MIDI with a smart phone is relatively new which translates into "expensive." There are YouTube videos showing it done, but I looked for a lesser expensive option.

Someone suggested a small tablet might do the job. So, I bought an off-brand tablet with a 7-inch screen and Windows 8.1. I then installed VanBasco's Karaoke program which I have used for several years on a laptop to play an antique player piano modified to play MIDI files. A USB MIDI interface connected to the tablet and J-Omega's MTP-7 board completed the digital electronic setup. The tablet fits nicely underneath the rear lid of my organ and it works like a charm.

Steve Bowman,  Oxford, NC

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