The John Smith Conductor Project

by Ronald Walters

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The John Smith Conductor Project
This project started over 2 years ago. The objective was a high quality, finely detailed, reproducible, animated, conductor figure suitable for use on the front of John Smith (or similar) organs.

I am not a wood carver, nor a sculptor. I can only assume others suffer similar limitations and this is why few organs include a conductor.  The figure was first sculpted with great detail, and then a series of molds were made for casting the figure in resin.

A castings kit will be available for a limited time. If you are interested, please follow the directions found in the video description.

Individual Videos are listed below… or there is a playlist

Click on the links to see the videos

0 Sculpting the John Smith Conductor

1 Conductor Overview

2 Clean Up Castings

3 Drilling Arms and Body

4 Drilling Head and Feet

5 Control Arms for Movement

6 Pressure Pot - Silicone Molds and Resin Castings

7 Conductor Figure Test Molds and Castings

8 How Strong is the Resin

9 Resin Casting Process

10 Branding Plastic

11 Casting Kit

12 Cabinet Scraper

13 Making a Baton

14 Four Completed Casting Kits

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