Golf Trolley Doubling as an Organ Cart

by Jóhann Gunnarsson

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Golf Trolley Doubling as an Organ Cart
After I finished my John Smith Senior organ I have been looking for a convenient way of making a cart for it. And the thought came to me that it would be extremely unlikely, actually impossible, that I would be playing golf at the same time as churning along at my organ. So I had a look at my wife's three-wheeler golf trolley, and came up with a rather neat conversion kit that can be assembled and disassembled in about one minute, and does not need any modification to the golf trolley.

Since most three-wheeler golf trolleys are similar in principle I thought I might share the idea. I am not giving any measurements because individual trolleys will require their own adaptation.

I made the conversion kit entirely out of scrap wood and pieces lying around. The only thing I bought for the construction was the white paint.

The procedure for the conversion is as follows:

1. Install the cross beam and the main beam with its hinged leg.  Optionally, use the existing lower fastening strap of the trolley to secure the leg.

2. Install clamp to secure main beam to trolley.

3. The table sits on the beams, fixed with one bolt and wing nut. On the top surface it has locator tabs that fit inside the organ base.  The bottom side also has some guiding strips glued on.

4. And we are ready to roll.

The main drawback I can see, apart from deviating from established tradition, is that with the front wheel stretching out at one end and the handle at the other, it takes up considerable space when playing. To remove the handle, which would reduce the total length of the contraption by some 40 cm, is as easy as unscrewing two bolts, and something less bulky could be designed. But then the trolley is not intact any more.

The conversion kit consists of a main beam with hinged leg, the cross beam with balancing struts, a 6mm bolt with wing nut, a clamp from an old table lamp, and a table, 38 x 48 cm, 16mm MDF, originally part of an IKEA cabinet.

The beams are connected through reciprocal dados only, no bolts or screws.

After the table has been fitted, the conversion is complete.

I can provide more pictures, just send email.

Jóhann Gunnarsson


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