Pipe Flaps and LED Lights

by John Iles

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I have used mylar flaps on the front row of pipes on my John Smith Universal.  They flap when the pipe speaks. I also added some LED lights in the rear that operate off batteries and illuminate the internal working and the valve action.  These flaps and lights are a big attraction and point of interest to the spectators.

Pipe Flaps
The flaps are made out of very thin mylar, I believe the mylar I used came as wrapping on plants to hide the pot. I think it can be had as gift wrapping paper also, the secret is that it has to be thin and flexible.

I attached them with double stick tape, or they can be glued on with removable glue. This is a big attraction for both kids and adults. We get a lot of comments on them as they show each pipe as it speaks.

Here is a video of the flaps working


LED Lights
The LED lights were modified headlights that strap to your head to illuminate the area you were working on. I attached a switch so you can turn them on at will and off when not in use to save the batteries.

They show the inner workings of the organ and the valve action. Lots of people are interested in how the organs operate. I have clear plexiglass back covers so you can see everything.

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