Tips on making Pipe Stoppers

by Gisli Olsen

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Tips on making Pipe Stoppers
In earlier drawings of the "Busker" organ, J.Smith used foam with closed cells around the stopper to make it airtight. But it is not so easy to find this kind of foam, so I use ordinary dust-foam for windows. Using foam to make an airtight stopper, in a small organ, is an easy way and very suitable for the amateur builder.

1)  Handle made of 4 mm "flowerpot-stick".
2)  Wooden part of the stopper, about 2 mm smaller around then inside of the pipe and about 10 mm thick.
3)  Self-adhesive dust-foam for windows 9 x 6 mm cut like the drawing and fixed to the side of the stopper.
4)  Piece of thin household plastic, cut to cover bottom and side of the stopper.
5)  A piece of double adhesive tape just big enough to fix the plastic to the bottom of the stopper. And finally, wrap the plastic around the foam and press the stopper into the pipe.  Airtight, lightweight and will stay in place.

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