Installing the Animated Conductor in the Senior 20

by Ronald Walters

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Installing the Animated Conductor
All aspects of the conductor installation and animation are given in the following videos.

Individual videos are listed below… or there is a playlist:

Click on the links to see the videos

1 Platform and Linear Rail

2 Platform Motor Test

3 Right-Angle Air Adaptor

4 Arduino Nano

5 Servo Feedback Modification

6 Servo Disc

7 Painting and Antiquing

8 Front side and Top Fretwork

9 Joining Urethane Round Belt

10 Tracker Bar Installation

11 Organ Assembly

12 Assembly Stand

13 Programmed Movements and Pauses

14 Rewinding

15 Final Assembly

16 Project Conclusion


English Country Garden

King Cotton March

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Colonel Bogey March

Liberty Bell March


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