Built-Up Crank, Glass Lid and Winding Handle

by David Briggs

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Built-Up Crank
I am in the process of building my Senior 20.

To avoid having to weld a crankshaft I have made mine built up. The 50mm long webs are 20 x 10mm aluminium flat bar. The centre pair were bolted together through the centre while making to ensure a match. All work using a drill press and hand tools.

Clamps are M4 bolts. Crankshaft is carried in pillow block bearings ( cheap on Ebay).  Used 8mm steel rod for the crankshaft. The con rod journals are 8mm hardwood with a 6mm bore bearing pressed in. ( see bottom of crankshaft picture). The rods are 4mm brass rod tapped into the hardwood.


Glass Lid
I decided to make an all glass top. The glass is 5.4mm laminated glass (AUD $15 to get cut).

Glass lid with trim

Winding Handle
The winding handle is made from 17mm Formply using a jigsaw and router table. The groove in the wheel is for a motor drive.

The handle is attached using an 8mm motor coupling - also Ebay.

The 8mm take-up spool shaft runs in bearings pressed into the plywood sides. Glued with Gorilla glue for extra security and retained with small aluminium plates.

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