Organ Pipe Stoppers using Closed Cell Foam

by Calvin McCarthy

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Organ Pipe Stoppers using Closed Cell Foam

.An LED Light Panel I purchased came with closed cell packing material which feels like rubber and appears to be like the EPP foam used by the model airplane enthusiasts. The panels of the material are either 1/2" (13 mm) or 3/4" (18mm) thick. I have used this material to make Pipe Stoppers which are very satisfactory.

The stopper is cut a little oversize so it puts a little pressure on the sides of the pipe. This pressure is not enough to strain the joints of the pipe but enough to seal the air passageway. A hole is made in the foam for a dowel handle and a thin plywood panel is put on the front and back of the foam to support it as it is moved in and out for tuning.

The pictures show the stopper in an A# pipe but this type of foam is useful for pipes from the largest we use to the smallest. Just change the diameter of the dowel and thickness of the foam to accomodate the size of the pipe.

Foam Sheet - 13 mm thick

Stopper filling the pipe

Exploded view of the stopper



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