Horizontal Reservoir Spring for Double-Acting Bellows

by Calvin McCarthy

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Horizontal Reservoir Spring

I have made a number of Melvyn's Style Bellows Assemblies as I tried to get the Busker Organ working to my satisfaction. Each time I used a short spring from the bottom of the assembly to the top of the reservoir to create the reservoir air pressure.

Notice the position of the vertical spring in the diagram.  This short spring has given me acceptable pressure but does not provide continuous pressure down to the almost closed state of the reservoir.

The diagram illustrates a suggestion to use a longer spring which can remain under tension over the full travel of the reservoir while being compact and a part of the bellows module.

Some experimentation would be required to get the right spring and tension for the air pressure desired.  I had a failed lamp using four springs to balance the articulating arm. One of these springs was just right for 5" water pressure.



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