Cutting Paper Rolls to width on a Lathe

by J. F. Billingham

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Cutting Paper Rolls to width on a Lathe
I did not fancy cutting fax rolls to width with a guided razor blade, so I used the arrangement shown using a 1947 centre lathe (M type).

The roll is held in a gapped (for measuring 140mm) cardboard ring in the 4-jaw chuck, with just a touch of boiled linseed oil to lubricate the tailstock centre.  A ring of masking tape at about 130mm from the chuck prevents the roll from unwinding.  The two pieces of 2" x 1/4" BDMS are held vertical by a bolt through the T slots of the boring table.  This allows slight adjustment to the height of the flat-sided knife blade.

With the limited cross-slide travel of most small lathes, it will probably be necessary to have two fixing holes for the blade at the rear end of the lathe, to cut the roll in two stages.  My picture shows the knife at the lower level ready for the second part of the cut.

Cutting paper rolls on a lathe

Hand-operated punching machine

I have found it useful to have a hand punch for holes missed in the general cutting.

It is guided by the slotted plastic in the cutting table, and the punchings can be ejected by a piece of brass wire down the centre hole.

All handle corners are rounded off.

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