Music Punch Tips, Ornamental Knobs

by Bernard Pilgrim

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Music Punch Die
Many people have difficulty lining up the die plate with the punch rod.  My simple method is to use a piece of 1/2" square bright steel or stainless about 2mm thick.  Drill for a good fit on the rod.  Apply a couple of dabs of super glue under the plate, lower the punch rod into position and hold it for a minute or so and you have a perfect alignment.  It lifts off easily with a knife blade if you need to change it.

Music Punch Solenoid
When I tried to electrify my punch I always had trouble getting the right solenoid to give a good whack.  The simple answer has been the solenoid from a car starter motor.  Mine is from a Fiat, and it is powered from a battery charger, 12v - 10A.  I use a micro switch, as in John Smith's punch, with a wooden button.

Ornamental Knobs for Organ
Some of the knobs on my organ are brass buttons with brass nuts soft-soldered onto the back.  You can get some very nice military and railway, etc. buttons.

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