Accessible Flap Valves and Air Supply Modifications

by Charles Supplee

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Accessible Flap Valves
For easier access to the bottom bellows valves I cut an access hole in the bellows and incorporated an 'inspection hatch'.  I used closed-cell draught excluder material for a gasket. The "valve board" fits over the gasket. The unit is held together by two battens, screwed into the bottom board with four 6-32 screws. Blind nuts are used in the bellows board. (See Photo).


Air Supply Modifications
For the air supply modification, I bored a 1 inch hole in the appropriate place in the reserve box with a Forstner bit, through which is mounted a PVC connector "U" fitting. The supply hose is a light, but air tight, flexible piece of tubing. The connecting support in made of "stacked" plywood 1/2 inch thick, which the battons butt up against.

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