Alternative Pipe Mounting Technique

by Charles Supplee

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Alternative Pipe Mounting
John's method for mounting the pipes on the pipe board is pretty straight forward. However, it can leave the board pretty "ragged". Since I don't want to put a facade on the front (people want to see inside), I devised a simple way of mounting the pipes and leave a clean-looking front. The pipes can be removed easily, also.

I cut two pieces of 1" long 1/8" plywood and drilled a 1/2 hole into each piece with a Forstner bit, with the hole about 1.5mm deep. In the centre is a 5/32" hole in which is mounted a 4-40 "T"-nut. Note: Solid wood has a tendency to split, so use only 1/8" plywood.

Then, I drilled a couple of 5/32" holes in the pipe board where the pipe will be located. The mounting blocks are then screwed to the pipe board using 1/4" machine screws. DON'T GLUE THE BLOCKS TO THE PIPE BOARD!

The next step is to put a thin layer of glue on the blocks and position the pipe atop them. Be careful not to let the glue run down onto the pipe board. Place a weight on the pipe or clamp it lightly against the blocks and let it set.

This method may take longer, but the appearance is nice.

The pictures and cross section sketch should help to illustrate the above.

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