Modified Busker Pipe Layout

by John Hunt

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Modified Busker Pipe Layout
When I read John Smiths instructions and watched his video, I realised that his pipe layout design was based on the principle of a light and compact organ suitable for a child to carry and operate.  This he has achieved in a spectacular manner.

My own requirements, however, were not so stringent, and I was particularly keen to avoid, if possible, cutting and "bending" the 3 bass pipes (Bb, F and C) and the Eb and D pipes. I also wanted to mount ALL the pipes on the front board with their apertures facing forward, to avoid any restriction to the sound output, particularly from pipes buried in the main carcase of the organ.  I realised this would mean increasing the size of the pipe mounting board, but I wanted to keep this increase to a minimum, as the organ had to remain portable and fit into the boot of a small car!

In order to achieve this aim I made the following amendments to John Smiths plans:

1. I increased the length of the Pressure Box assembly by 0.5" to 15" (extra 0.5" at the crank end).

2. I increased the height of the End Panels by 1.75" to 15" (extra 1.75" on bottom edge).

3. I fitted the pipe mounting board on the front of the main carcase rather than inside it, and increased its width to 17.5" (See Diagram 1).

4. I fitted the pipes to the mounting board as shown in Diagram 2, with all the pipes facing forward and their apertures uppermost - except for the four smallest pipes (A, C, D, and Bb) whose apertures were downwards.  This left the back of the board clear of air tubes in the lower half, which gave space to mount the bass F pipe on the back as shown. The F pipe has one 90° "bend" and its aperture faces forward through a cut-out in the bottom edge of the mounting board.  There is a matching cut-out in the decorative front panel (See photo).

This arrangement allows the sound from every pipe to be heard without restriction, whilst keeping the increase in the size of the mounting board to a minimum.  The decorative Front Panel was also kept to a minimum size so that the organ fits onto the boot of a Skoda Fabia!

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