Cutting Fax Rolls to Width

by Don Johnson

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Cutting Fax Rolls to Width
There have been various suggestions about cutting fax rolls down to 140 mm using a lathe or a purpose-built winder assembly and cutting knife, but if you have not solved this problem already, and have a band saw equipped with a sanding disk, you may like to try the following:

Mark a line around the roll at 140 mm from one end - using the tip of wrapping a piece of paper around the roll to get a square edge. Cut the roll pretty close to the line using the bandsaw. Use the built-in sanding disk to finish the cut end back to the line. Apart from the outer couple of layers, it gives a surprisingly 'clean' result. If you make a 'vee' block to hold the roll square to the sanding disk this helps, but being lazy I just held mine - very firmly - in my hands.

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