Organ Lifting and Loading Aid

by Anthony Ashe

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Organ Lifting and Loading Aid
From the moment my organ was complete I had a transport problem. It locates on four spikes on the top of its trolley and can be pushed around without any danger of falling off. This is fine for short distances but to put it in the back of the car requires it to be vertically lifted off the spikes and raised about 2ft to the level of the cargo area floor.

The overall height of the organ leaves less than an inch of clearance from the car's cargo area floor and the tailgate hinge so there is no room for forks, jibs or hoists. The base of the organ is hollow containing the bass pipes so any lifting forks would damage the pipes anyway.

The organ weighs 37kg which for old imperial blokes like me is 82lbs. This weight, its physical bulk and possibly my advancing years contribute to the fact that I cannot lift it on my own. With two people, one on each side handle, it is easy but assistance is rarely to be found when needed.

As simple ideas are always the best what I needed was a simple apparatus which could be constructed by a simple chap like me allowing me to simply lift the organ into the car by myself.  So I constructed the apparatus shown in the following photos. This only weighs 16 lbs (7.2 kg) splits into four pieces two of which clip together for transportation and in the dismantled state can be taken with the organ to the destination and used for unloading.

As can be seen from the photos the component parts quickly fasten together using four wing nuts and the organ hangs in the middle pivoted on stub axles which run in sockets on the side of the organ.  The organ together with its trolley is positioned behind the car, the trolley handles are removed and the lifting jig attached. With the resultant leverage it is easy for me to lift the organ off its locating pins, position level with the cargo area and simply wheel it in, making use of the wheels on the front of the jig. When safely installed in the car the jig is removed and the organ re-positioned to make room for the trolley, music and other accessories. Removal is the reverse of the above and I find it very satisfactory

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