Glockenspiel Valve and Repositioning Bleed Screws

by Steve Panuska

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Glockenspiel Valve
After studying the plans for the glockenspiel I decided that I wanted to build the organ without the Glock to start with and have the ability to easily add it later. To accomplish this I built an extra slider valve assembly like the one used for the four rows of melody pipes on the top of the windchest, and then glued this extra one to the bottom of the windchest.

The extra slider valve assembly has the pipe holes drilled facing forward so that I can plug tubing onto the holes and then run them to the Glockenspiel. Having a slider valve allows me to still play the organ if I take off the glockenspiel and not have to plug off all the holes.

Repositioning the Bleed Screws
When building the bass wind chest I decided to move the bleed screws up and include them on the main bleed bar. I think it makes them easier to adjust and since I was drilling all the small holes in the main bleed bar anyway 5 more seemed faster. It works well and I think looks nice.

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