Pressure Box Catch  and Music Roll Paper

by Steve Panuska

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Pressure Box Catch
After building the JS-20 organ and then moving on to the construction of the JS-26 I used a different method for locking down the music roll box cover. John's method works well but can be a bit crowded for space and is not as easily adjusted as the gasket needs more compression.

The method I used was to use a sliding window lock available in most hardware stores here in the USA (sash window in the UK).  The handle section is cam shaped and when rotated engages under the clip section and tightens down the cover as much as needed.

There can be a fair amount of pressure on the mounting screws, so I screwed into the edge of 1/2" plywood for support.

Music Roll Paper
I struggled to find a good durable paper for punching music, that would hold up, punch well and be somewhat waterproof.  I tried Fax paper and thought it was just too flimsy, then I tried meat packing paper from the meat market and that stuff punched very hard.

While walking through a discount clearance store I saw some discontinued wallpaper and gave that a try.  I was hooked!  It comes in tight wound 24 inch wide rolls and is easy to cut to width on a standard cutoff saw, and punches nicely.

The first couple of rolls I punched with just the back white side up, but then my kids asked me why I keep punching my music upside down.  After that, I now punch the songs with the decorative side up and try to find interesting patterns!  The kids love to watch the pattern go by in the window while the music is playing!

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