Wife Builds Busker Organ in Flat

by Steve Morrison

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Wife Builds Busker Organ in Flat
About 3 years ago we met John Smith in Pickering.  Brilliant, my wife was over the moon to find out that we could get plans to build her own busker organ.

The next time I saw John Smith was about 6 months later so I bought the plans.  Then I bought some of the supplies from DIY shops and gave them to my wife the following christmas.  Ever since then she has worked very hard to build the organ.  We only live in a small flat and we have grandchildren who visit, so for safety reasons all the bits and tools are packed and unpacked from the kitchen table many times.

There has also been a few problems with tools, measurements on the plans and small problems you would get if you have never done anything like this before.  With all this my wife has never given up and will finish it.

We have seen that some people have finished in three weeks.  At the moment the pressure box is just being varnished.  I am very proud of her (I would not even try to attempt this project).

She will be assembling most of it soon for the first time and I am looking forward to the fully finished busker.  Thats my story.

(That's a great story.  Be sure to send a photo when it's finished - MW)

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