Tracker Bar Air Leaks

by Bernard Pilgrim

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Tracker Bar Air Leaks
Check the tracker bar thoroughly before fitting it to the organ.  I fit a piece of plastic pipe to each pipe in turn on the underside of the tracker bar, and blow into it whilst stopping the top hole with my finger.

Mark the position of any leaks with a pencil, then using a syringe (I use one which is used for filling ink cartridges on the printer) pump about 3ml of PVA glue into the top of the tracker bar, move it about to spread the glue then drain out the surplus from the upturned tracker bar, clearing the hole before the glue sets with a piece of rod (thin the PVA with water if it is too thick). I've cured even big leaks with this method, for checking for air leaks anywhere on the organ I use bubble liquid with a small paint brush.

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