Rewind Handle

by Bryan Carrington

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Rewind Handle
Having built my JS Busker, I had a problem in making the Rewind Handle, as it is impossible to drill or bend Allen Keys.  So I had to find a way to make my own.

I wanted to make a one-piece handle, having tried to file a hex end on a piece of ¼" bar it finished up with some of the flats at the wrong angles, so to alleviate this problem I used the following solution:

I made an angle template using one of the graphics packages that are available for use on a computer to create the disc shown on the right.  This could also be done using a compass on a piece of paper.

I then cut out the disc and glued it on to the end of a length of ¼" round aluminium rod and then gripped the length horizontally in a small vice, ensuring one of the lines on the disc is vertical.  This allows you to file the first flat on the rod.  It is important to keep the file flat at all times.  You then have to rotate the rod until the next line on the disc comes into the vertical position, you have then just rotated the rod 60° which of course is the angle required for filing the next flat.

Having completed all six faces of the hex, do not remove the disc from the rod yet.  You can now try on a commercial "Spool End" to see if it requires further filing.  If it does it is easy to re-align the faces again using the verticals on the disc.  When you have a snug fit to the spool you can then remove the disc from the rod as it has done its job.

The bar can now be bent into the required shape to form the Rewind Handle.

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