Fixing Leaks in Main Wind Chest of 26-note Organ

by Robert N. Hammell

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Fixing leaks in Main Wind Chest
After completing main wind chest I checked windways for leaks. I found problems with all 13 melody pipe channels. A disaster!

Not being able to locate the leaks I came up with this remedy:

1. Remove all valves.

2. Remove sliders and pipe installation boards.

3. Plug all valve and pipe openings with wood dowels to wind channels needing repair. Rub in a very light coating of oil on ends to prevent Epoxy from adhering.

4. Working with one channel at a time poor two ounces of finishing, slow cure, Epoxy (same consistency as paint) into 1st channel with small funnel through glockenspiel opening on front edge. This type of thin Epoxy can be found in hobby shops, arts and craft stores.

Allow Epoxy time to make its way to end of windway. Tilt the chest to reverse the flow. Turn chest up on end for a minute or so, then the other. The idea is to coat top, bottom, left and right sides with Epoxy.

When confident this has been accomplished set wind chest with glockenspiel openings to bottom allowing excess Epoxy to fully drain out. Figure two hours for this and another six or so for curing to take place.  After draining is complete and before Epoxy has completely hardened remove the dowels. The first channel is now sealed. Repeat as required.

More than one channel at a time could be repaired I think. Hopefully this procedure will not be necessary but if so it will fix all leaks perfectly.

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