Hand and Motorised Rewind

by Melvyn Wright

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Rewinding Music Rolls
For convenient and quick rewinding of music rolls, you can use a small cordless screwdriver fitted with a 5mm hex bit.  This will fit the hex hole in the standard Raffin spool.  These screwdrivers can sometimes be bought very cheaply from discount stores, often for less than £5, including the charger!

Although more expensive, the new pistol-grip lithium-ion type (like the Bosch Ixo shown below) are particularly suitable for this task.

Dual Rewind
When using the screwdriver for rewinding, I found that the bearing on the back of the organ was not required, and actually gets in the way.  So, to allow both methods of rewinding, I made a bearing that could be hinged down out of the way when not required.  I made it from a small aluminium offcut which I happened to have available, but it could be made out of metal or wood.  The strip is pivoted on a small woodscrew fixed into a hardwood block on the back of the pressure box.

I made my rewind handle from a piece of brass rod, and a 5mm Allen key.  The Allen key was sawn to length with a hacksaw, and held in the handle by a grub screw.  (Allen keys are hardened, and cannot be drilled or bent, but they can be sawn off with a normal hacksaw.)

As can be seen, I fitted my lid stay on the back of the organ, rather than in the middle, and the hardwood block was necessary to allow the rewind bearing to clear the lid stay.  The photo below shows the rewind bearing in its retracted state.


The bearing is raised for manual rewind......

......and lowered out of the way for motorised rewind.

If you are fitting the lid stay on the back of the organ, make sure that it will not obstruct the rewind hole in the spool when the lid is raised.  The holes need to be 2 1/2" apart, rather than 3" as given in the plans.  I used a commercial stay, shortened it, and drilled two new holes 2 1/2" from the centre pivot.

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