Novel Pipe Clamp

by Koos Wieman

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Novel Pipe Clamp
Each year I tune my Busker Senior organ just before Xmas. This year I found one bass pipe that had a double tone when blown. It seemed to me that it was caused by a wrongly placed upper lip.  The hole was very small and when I built the organ I wondered if it was OK. But it worked for 7 years very well.

I did not have much time to get the pipe out and do the job. So I tried to get the lip out with a small screwdriver.  It came out perfectly and I trimmed the size.  Because I had no rubber bands and it was hard to get that all in place, I found another clamping method.

I used little clamps that I normally use for gluing things together.  But now I used them the other way round.  So it gave pressure between the mitered pipe and the lip.  Maybe this is a useful hint.

Epoxy To Glue Tubing
Another hint: A piece of tube did not fit nicely to the largest bass pipe.  That is easily solved by a piece of two-component epoxy glue that you can buy in the building market.  Use rubber gloves working with it.

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