Alternative Crank Handle and Pipe Tuning

by Walt Gerber

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Alternative Crank Handle
Here is an alternative way to make the crank handle.  The handle arm was cut from hardwood on a scroll saw.  The pin was acquired at a home improvement store, includes a threaded screw cap.  For the handle I used a minature wooden flower pot obtained at a craft shop.

I filled the centre of the pot with epoxy, drilled a hole for the shaft and another countersunk hole for the cap screw.  Add a little silicone grease on the shaft and paint as necessary.

Pipe Tuning
After one year now, I finally have my busker playing.  My first effort at tuning the pipes by ear with my Yamaha keyboard was somewhat unsuccessful.  Well, indeed there is an "app. for that".  For IPhone, in Apple Itunes Store I found "Cleartunes" for $3.99 US.  With a note wheel and tuning meter, it is a chromatic instrument tuner, very easy to use.

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