Tracker Bar Construction

by John Knight

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Tracker Bar Construction
The tracker bar cardboard honeycomb can be very tricky to construct if your fingers are not as flexible as they once were.  I describe my method below:

The drilled tracker bar is marked out and positioned face down on a thick layer of BlueTack as shown in photo .

JS 26-note tracker bar underside marked

Wooden dowels are then cut to be long enough to push through the holes and into the BlueTack (Tesco bamboo skewers did the business for me).

The dowels should be long enough to enable them to be pulled out before the glue on the honeycomb has dried. The dowels provide support for the cardboard sections as they are glued into place.  They also enable all cardboard sections to be dry assembled to check for correct length and height.

JS 26-note tracker bar underside pegged

Warning:  The bamboo skewers will swell when the wet glue gets on them, so remove the dowels as you progress along the tracker bar.


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