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John Smith Photos
If you have built a John Smith organ, please email a photograph of it for inclusion on these pages.  Photographs will be credited to you.

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Senior Organ "Monkey Business" with animated monkey, by Daniel Wright.  see here

27-Note Organ with percussion and animated band, by Derek Deane

26-Note Organ by Stuart Smith


Busker Organ by Bill Lucy

Busker Organ by Eric Brazenell

  Busker Organ by Peter J. Howard

26-Note Organ by Dennis Baumber

Busker Organ by Ken Beardsell
The decoration is real pressed flowers

  Busker Organ by John Hutchison


26-Note Organ by Dan Corner.  The animated figures work by pushing rods from the back

 Busker Organ with animated figures
by Sidney Harbour

26-Note Organ by Anthony Ashe
Mechanical monkey details

Busker Organ by Craig Landrum

20-Note Organ with animated bandmaster, by Wallace Venable

 26-Note Organ by Steve Panuska

Busker Organ by Colin Munday

Busker Organ by Rick Coombe 


Busker Organ by Derek Deane

Senior Organ by Ron Morrell


Universal Organ by Murray  McKenzie

Universal Organ by Roy and Judy Thacker

Senior Organ by Robert Humphris

Senior Organ by John Stevens


Topsy Organ by Don Johnson

Busker Organ with animated monkey
by Eric Rowlands


Universal Organ by Rick Coombe

Universal Organ by Bob Hammell


Topsy Organ by Terry Pankhurst

Busker Organ by Dwayne Glanton


Senior Organ by Tom Baugues

 Busker Organ by Walt Gerber


Busker Organ by K. Wieman

Busker Organ by Lloyd Limb


Universal Organ by H. Beckman

   Busker Organ by Graham Rankin

Senior Organ by Paul Douglass
The front opens up to show the works


   Busker Organ by Maurice Le Nagard

 Senior Organ by  Mervyn James


   Organ by Dave Micklethwait

    Busker Organ by Fred Deadrick

20-note organ by Erik Alfastsen

20-note organ by Douglas Barr

Senior organ by Bob Lesko

 20-note organ by J.F.Waynick
(Converted to MIDI)


 20-note organ by C. Jonsson

  Topsy 3 organ by Bob Lesko

 Senior 20 organ by Mervyn Bullock

Topsy 3 organ by David Seager

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If you have built a John Smith organ, please email a photograph of it for inclusion on these pages.  Photographs will be credited to you.

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