Improved Driving Wheel,  Con-Rod Lubricant

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Lubricant for the Connecting Rods - Charles Darley
I am currently building the 20-note organ and have not seen any reference to the lubricant that should be used on the moving parts.  Can I suggest that the talcum powder that is used with the pipe stoppers is also used as a lubricant as it is a natural slip surface that will bed well into wood and coat it rather like a "Teflon" covering.

Just apply a little to the wooden surface wherever they are in contact with the metal craft.  I have tried it and found it very successful.
(Graphite would be more suitable, but not so easy to obtain - MW)

Improved Driving Wheel - Charles Darley
Instead of using emery cloth for the driving wheel, I have used a 3M product "Premium Paint Removal" P80 grade, available from B&Q. This is a coarse sandpaper-like material with a paper backing. It sticks very well to the card drive pulley using PVA glue. The picture shows that the joint is a diagonal one. The result is that there is less likelihood of the material lifting than with a simple butt joint.

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