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John Smith Articles
I am always looking for articles for this section.  If you have any hints or building tips for the John Smith organ, please email them to me.  All contributors receive FREE MUSIC, and all submissions will be credited to you.
Index of Articles Contributor
Topsy Scale information and options Melvyn Wright  NEW
Miscellaneous Hints and Tips Various contributors  Updated 30th April 2022
There is no need to fit the paper tension rollers! Melvyn Wright
Hand and motorised rewind Melvyn Wright
Motorised rewind Melvyn Wright
Topsy - John Smith's new MIDI organ John Smith
Model Engineering Exhibition - Prizewinners Terry Pankhurst
Improved driving wheel, con-rod lubricant Charles Darley
John Smith Senior 20 organ John Smith
New John Smith 26-note organ Melvyn Wright
Detailed photographs of the construction Ed Gaida
Ideas for animated figures Peter Henderson
Tracing and curing air leaks John Smith
Donington, France, and other notes Peter Henderson
Building the Harmonette conversion Peter Henderson
Making piccolo pipes John Smith
Detailed photographs of Rosie and Smokey Peter Henderson
Alternative construction of reservoir springs Geoffrey Morriss
Tips on making the tracker bar and crankshaft Noel Maw
Decoration tips, and a fair organ front Ken Rawlings
Tips on making pipe stoppers Gisli Olsen
Alternative construction for music roll hook Kevin Oliver
Detailed plans for animated figures Bernard Pilgrim
Making the grooved wheels Charles Darley
Cost and value of the JS busker organ Aldo Laus
Making a spring bender Charles Darley
Mitreing the organ pipes Charles Darley
Building the 26-Note Universal organ John Pettifer
Alternative construction of tracker bar Walt Lysack
Cutting paper rolls to width on a lathe J. F. Billingham
Three bellows instead of two? John Hutchison
Busker building hints Bob Meyer
Tricks and tips on making the pipes Jean Nimal
Enlarging the window Jean Nimal
Pipe-making tips, stoppers, voicing supply Tony Goldsworthy
Music punch tips, ornamental knobs Bernard Pilgrim
Pipe-making machine Bernard Pilgrim
More busker organ thoughts and pitfalls Tony Goldsworthy
Busker building hints Jim Bryan
Improved flap valves John Smith
Accessible flap valves and air supply modifications Charles Supplee
Building tips and modifications Don Johnson
Alternative construction of take-up spool Charles Supplee
Building tips and techniques Craig Landrum
Pipes and rewind crank Daniel Wright
Animated 'storybook' organ front Daniel Wright
Alternative pipe mounting technique (1) Charles Supplee
Alternative pipe mounting technique (2) Peter Howard
Modified Busker pipe layout John Hunt
Pipe nipples - bending brass tubing Charles Supplee
Pipe construction and flap valves Bruce Thompson
First meeting of Amateur Organ Builders Group John Pettifer
Fax roll slitter Marcus Foreman
Pressure box locking mechanism Ken Beardsell
Animated Monkey Don Johnson
Transfer Pipe Dave Storer
Building experience, leaks and tips Kevyn Chambers
Cutting fax rolls to width Don Johnson
Making organ pipes with free reeds Gisli Olsen
My 26-note Universal organ Anthony Ashe
Marking unwanted holes in music Don Johnson
Mounting pipes in organ Jim Jensen
Mechanical monkey Anthony Ashe
Organ lifting and loading aid Anthony Ashe
Alternative drive construction Wallace Venable
Computer layout and pattern transfer Wallace Venable
Alternative tracker bar construction Wallace Venable
Decoupage Organ Decoration Wallace Venable
Gear-driven rewind mechanism Wallace Venable
Hex socket supply spools Wallace Venable
Bellows linkage and spool fixing Clifford Smith
Reservoir spill valve Steve Panuska
Glockenspiel valve and repositioning bleed screws Steve Panuska
Pressure box catch and music roll paper Steve Panuska
Box-Cart for a grind organ Wallace Venable
Wife builds Busker organ in flat Steve Morrison
Tracker bar air leaks Bernard Pilgrim
Setting bends in plastic tubing Daniel Wright
"Monkey Business" - Animated Organ Daniel Wright
Various hints and tips Vic Searle
Avoiding problems with stiffer paper Chris van der Craats
Rewind handle Bryan Carrington
Common mistakes and how to improve your organ! John Smith
Connecting rod modifications Shane Graves
Alternative Friction wheel and lid spring Dennis Spinks
Music roll hook and take-up spool fixing (update) Melvyn Wright NEW
Fixing leaks in main wind chest - 26-note organ Robert N. Hammell
Neater pressure box catch Melvyn Wright
Novel pipe clamp Koos Wieman
Alternative crank handle, and pipe tuning Walt Gerber
Making wheels without a lathe Mervyn James
Relocating the Busker hand crank Dwayne Glanton
Improved Music Spool Holder Melvyn Wright
Making the wheels, and bends in tubing Jim Bowskill
Electronic hints and tips for Topsy-3 Rose Bunce
Tracker bar construction John Knight
Organ cart Daniel Wright
A Busker organ with 2 registers and 29 pipes! Melvyn Wright
Alternative Tracker Bar Construction Graham Rankin
Carts for Small Organs Wallace Venable
Precise Drilling of the Tracker Bar Holes Matt Gatlin
Alternative Connecting Rods Andy Wedge
Cutting out Circular Parts on a Bandsaw Melvyn Wright
Senior Organ Rewind Hex Drive Ronald Walters
Busker Organ Air Supply (Videos) Ronald Walters
Building the Senior-20 Organ (Videos) Ronald Walters
Pipe Stopper Knobs D.Windmill/D.Johnson
Improving Bellows and Reservoir Steve Bowman
Using a Tablet to play Organ Steve Bowman
The John Smith Conductor Project Ronald Walters
Installing the Animated Conductor figure in the Senior Ronald Walters
Motorising the John Smith Senior Organ Ronald Walters
Busker Organ Conversion to MIDI Steve Bowman
Golf Trolley doubling as an Organ Cart Jóhann Gunnarsson
The First 2-Register Busker Organ Chris Richmond
Making Bellows the Easy Way Melvyn Wright  NEW
Leather or Blackout Cloth? Melvyn Wright  NEW
A Digital Manometer Melvyn Wright
Making a Pipe Voicing Machine Melvyn Wright
Leak Testing using Smoke Matches Mike Johnson
Pipe Flaps and LED Lights John Iles
Making Custom Tube Fittings and Connectors Melvyn Wright
Easy-Build Double-Acting Bellows Melvyn Wright  NEW
Making Double-Acting Bellows for the John Smith Organs Melvyn Wright  NEW
Making Polyurethane Drive Belts Melvyn Wright
Modifying Standard Spools for use in the Castlewood Organ Rob Smith
Building Music Spools for the Busker and Senior Ronald Walters
Glue Clues - Picking the right glue for the job Thomas N. Spehar
Adding MIDI to the Busker Organ Michael Jeffs  NEW
Membrane Relief Valve Calvin McCarthy  NEW
Upper Lip Pipe Hint Calvin McCarthy  NEW
Built-Up Crank, Glass Lid and Winding Handle David Briggs  NEW
Organ Pipe Stoppers Calvin McCarthy  NEW
Horizontal Reservoir Spring Calvin McCarthy  NEW
A Simple and Easy-to-Make Spill Valve Melvyn Wright  NEW
Troubleshooting an Organ Wind Supply Janpsegers NEW
Easy-Build Double-Acting Bellows MK2 Melvyn Wright  NEW
Making  Pipes with a Conventional Block Melvyn Wright  NEW
Adding Piccolo Pipes to the Busker Organ Aleksandr Loskutov  NEW
Removable Fasteners for Organ Pipes Aleksandr Loskutov  NEW

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All articles and photographs used with permission. Some of these articles were first published in the magazine of the British Organ Grinders Association.  To subscribe, see the BOGA web site.

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