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I will punch your music rolls for you - (Private or Trade)
I punch music rolls for many of the leading roll suppliers (discretion assured!))
No set-up charges - No minimum charges - No hidden charges - Single copies
No nonsense - Many satisfied customers!

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Write your own music rolls using my Music Roll Editor

Music Rolls from MIDI files                  Need a MIDI file making? Try David Aldridge
Don't sit there struggling to punch out your own rolls.  I will punch any roll from a MIDI file for little more than the price of the plastic paper.  I produce music rolls for the trade and also for private individuals who may just want a single copy of a roll they have arranged, either to play themselves or to sell to a friend.  None of that nonsense about having to buy a minimum of 6 copies of a roll and then having to throw 5 of them away because they are not needed!  I can usually offer a next-day service.  Just send me your MIDI file and I will send you the roll(s)!

Rolls are produced on dedicated high-speed perforators, running at 84 metres per hour (the fastest in the world).  I can produce the following rolls on these machines:

No.of Notes

Paper Width

Type of Organ

Price per Metre
(or part of)

20 notes 110mm Raffin and all standard 20-note organs £1.00
25 notes 110mm 25-note Pell. DISCONTINUED
26 notes 110mm John Smith Universal, 26-note Trueman, Alderman, J&B, etc. £1.00
26 notes 130mm 26-note DeLeika, Hofbauer, etc. DISCONTINUED
20 notes 140mm John Smith Busker, Senior, Castlewood, etc. (4mm slots) £1.45
31 notes 140mm Raffin, Pell, Stuber, and all standard 31-note organs £1.00

Any other format - Please ask.

All rolls are punched accurately on waterproof plastic 'paper', which will not shrink or tear.  There is no setting-up charge, you just pay per metre length.  I will add approx. 1 metre of blank paper at the start and end of the roll.  The above prices work out to around £28 for a complete roll. You can of course sell your rolls for much more than this and make a good profit. (Even the cheapest rolls sell for £40, and the most expensive can sell for over £100.)

Rolls are supplied as bare paper without leaders, labels, or tags, etc.  Spools, boxes and end tags can all be supplied extra as required.  For obvious reasons, I do not put my own roll leaders and labels onto other people's music!

All I need is a MIDI file of the music, and how many copies you want.  As a guide to how long your roll will be, and how much music you can get on a spool; each minute of music uses approx. 4.3 metres of paper.  The maximum length of music that can conveniently fit on a standard spool is about 7 minutes.  This is not the absolute maximum, but a reasonable guide to work to.

I won't judge your music, so don't worry if it is not up to professional standards.  You can be sure that I've heard much worse than yours!  This is just a punching service and I will punch out anything you like! (I once punched out a picture for an art student!)

Technical details
The MIDI file should be a flat file, with all the notes on the same track, and all on channel 1. The main reason for this is so that mistakes, such as duplicate notes and overlapping notes, can be more easily spotted.  One of the most common mistakes is to leave no gap between repeated notes.  In order for a note to repeat properly, there must be at least 1/20th second silence (preferably more) between the note switching off and the same note switching back on again.  Any less than this means that there will not be enough paper between the notes to cover up the hole in the tracker bar and the notes will be slurred together.  

The notes should have the following MIDI numbers:
All 20-Note Scales G=43, C=48, D=50
e=52, f=53, f#=54, g=55, a=57, b=59, c=60, d=62
e=64, f=65, f#=66, g=67, a=69, b=71, c=72, d=74, e=76
26-Note J.Smith, etc. G=43, A=45, C=48, D=50
e=52, f=53, f#=54, g=55, a=57, b=59, c=60, c#=61, d=62
e=64, f=65, f#=66, g=67, g#=68, a=69, a#=70, b=71, c=72, c#=73, d=74, e=76, f=77
31-Note Raffin, Pell, etc. G=43, A=45, C=48, D=50, F=53
g=55, a=57, a#=58, b=59, c=60, c#=61, d=62, e=64, f=65, f#=66
g=67, a=69, a#=70, b=71, c=72, c#=73, d=74, d#=75, e=76, f=77, f#=78
g=79, a=81, a#=82, b=83, c=84, 85=spare/Bandmaster/Drum
25-Note Pell Now discontinued
26-Note Deleika, etc. Now discontinued

This is standard MIDI numbering, and nothing special. I can transpose your music to the correct numbers and do other necessary work, but it is easier if I receive files that are 'ready to go'.  Just let me know if you want assistance or don't understand anything.  Obviously, if there are any notes in your music that are not on the organ scale, these notes cannot be punched out! (I try to check this before going ahead, but can't guarantee to spot all mistakes.)  Please do not send me 16-channel full orchestral scores to punch out on a 20-note roll (yes it happens quite a lot!).

If you have made a mistake in the music and are not satisfied with the roll, you can send me the corrected MIDI file and I will usually punch it out for you again at a reduced price, even though it is not my fault. I want you to be satisfied with the service, and a roll that you cannot play is no good to anybody.

If you use my Music Roll Editor; illegal notes, duplicate notes, bad repetition and timings are all impossible; and your music will play just as you hear it on your computer.  This is not true of other MIDI editors not specifically designed for music rolls. Make sure you use the correct scale.

Scales for punching:    20-note    26-note    31-note

Copyright issues
I will not knowingly punch out music arrangements which are in copyright, or copy other people's music without permission.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the person ordering the music to obtain any necessary copyright clearance and permissions.

Don't have a MIDI file?
If you need some custom music arranging, then try David Aldridge. He will arrange the music for you and send the file to me for punching.

If you are a music supplier, don't punch out multiple copies of rolls and have them sitting on the shelf deteriorating for months, wasting capital and space.  I can punch out single copies for you on demand, often on the same day

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