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The MECCANO WEB RING Home Page. Your gateway to Meccano heaven!
Meccano Collectors' Corner
Buy, Sell and Swap your unwanted Meccano. FREE Classified ads. HUNDREDS of Meccano items for sale. New items most days.
Alan Esplen's Meccano models and History
Brief history of Meccano, how I started building with Meccano, pictures of models I have constructed.
Ashok's Meccano Homepage from India
Plenty of excellent photos of models, classified into galleries, built by Meccanomen around the world, young and old. A wide selection of first-class replica standard and special compatible parts at down-to-earth prices, and much more....
Asociación Cultural Española de Aficionados a
ACEAM, Asociación Cultural Española de Aficionados a los Meccanos fue fundada sin animo de lucro por un grupo de amigos de los Meccanos.
The Meccano Engineer's Book Shop
This Book Shop contains over 100 books of interest to Meccano modellers. Books can be purchased online by following the links provided. There is also a section for buying and selling second-hand books and Meccano literature. NEW MECCANO BOOK OUT NOW!
East Anglian Meccano Set - TEAMS
Models, People, Details of Meccano activity in East Anglia
Electronics in Meccano
Find out how you can use electronic circuits in your Meccano models
Parts, sets, stories and information for the Meccano aficionado
Frank W. Weber's Meccano and X-Meccano Site
This is the site of my models in Meccano, X-Meccano, compatible and new ideas for models
Frits van Heekesen Meccano Page
Meccano has been a life-long hobby and now with my own site I like to show some of the nice things you can do with this fantastic construction material. My whole page is now in Weblog style, you can give comments and sent photos.
Geoffs Meccano Page
List of items for disposal
Girders & Gears
A site devoted to Erector, Merkur, Meccano, and other metal construction toy systems. Art, photos, community model gallery, message board, restoration tips, model building tips, and much more! Plus, an online store featuring new Merkur & Meccano.
Guy POUCHET's site "MEKANONET": photos in high definition. My constructions in MECCANO : JACQUARD LOOM, Wood SHUTTLE, Blocks Setting Crane N° 4. Mechanical Organ Marenghi. 1960 AC15 VOX amplifier
Howard Somerville's Meccano Site
Howard's Models and Articles
The Inclusive Parts List
A universal reference of all Meccano, Meccano-compatible and replica parts
ISM Meccano OnLine
The International Society of Meccanomen WebSite.
Johan's Meccano Pages
Information on Meccano
John Thorpe's Worldwide Meccano Sales
Extensive range of standard Meccano parts - own reproductions made in UK - (Roller Bearing plates my greatest success) - run my own website which is extensive - always looking to purchase large collections of Meccano - always a money back guarantee.
Les pages Meccano de Laurent
Ce site décrit quelques-uns de mes modèles.
Library of Meccano Projects
An assortment of Meccano models by enthusiasts around the world. Submit your model photos!
The Light Red and Green Period 1958-1964
A detailed and complete history of Meccano's light red & green period, from 1958 to 1964. Photographs of outfits, manuals, sales leaflets, prices, contents of outfits, parts, trade items, Meccano Mags, adverts, etc. etc. You name it - it's there!
sitio argentino en español dedicado al hobby del meccano
Historia de Meccano en España y modelos construidos por Antonio Valero
Event diary for all UK Meccano club meetings and exhibitions
Meccano Home Page (MeccanoNet) - Canada
Meccano is a metal construction set consisting of nuts, bolts, strips, girders, brackets, wheels, axles, motors, gears and pulleys. It's a kids toy ... it's an adult hobby.
Meccano Kinematics
Summary of models like clocks, clock striking mechanisms, harmonographs, Boerdijk Super Meccanograph, guilloche machines, orreries, gearcomponents and others including articles about VirtualMEC and related subjects.
Meccano Micro Models
Devoted to (very) small models
Bill Ayling Dedicated to Meccano. Specialises in the modelling of military vehicles from the second world war particularly half tracks.
Meccano pages of Maurice
Meccano pages with BBC broadcast about Frank Hornby en Dutch exhibitions
The French side of Meccano in Canada. This site regroups enthusiasts in model building, collecting and replica parts manufacturing. Primarly based in Quebec, our site welcomes members from around the world.
Directory of UK Meccano clubs, meetings and exhibitions. From Dave Taylor.
Meccano Sets Parts Lists
This site contains downloadable files of most Meccano sets from 1901 to 2009. Also available are the set contents for the old style Plastic Meccano sets.
Meccano Spares
New Reproduction Meccano Spare Parts for Sale. Online shop.
MECCANO. Web de Daniel Feliubadaló
Web desde Cataluña, España sobre mi hooby MECCANO. Detalles de construcción de una montaña rusa (roller coaster) con partes de MECCANO. Comentarios sobre otros detalles apasionantes de MECCANO
Melbourne Meccano Club Inc.
Homepage of the Melbourne Meccano Club Inc. Details of club activities and history.
Metallbaukasten-Modelle von Hans-Gerd Finke
Private hobbypage with some of our models. Private Hobbyseite mit einigen unserer Metallbaukasten-Modelle.(New in March 2016 / Neu im Maerz 2016: TRONICO-Unimog
Model Engineering with Meccano
Sometimes the part you need doesn't exist. Or there simply isn't enough room for it to fit. Mike Dennis explains simple tricks and techniques to modify common Meccano parts to suit your model, and shows some Meccano-based models he built.
Nigel's Website
Lots of pictures of Meccano models plus other items of interest.
North Eastern Meccano Society
Site describing activities of the North Eastern Meccano Society (UK)
North Midlands Meccano Guild
NMMG is one of the UK's strongest Clubs, and is sponsor of the Annual Skegness Meccano exhibition "Skegex"
NZ Meccano
Meccano information about all UK production. Home to the Online Parts Museum, Meccano Magazine viewer, Photo gallery, Christchurch and Auckland Meccano Clubs, Restoration pages, Stringing cards, and photographs of outfits from all eras.
Oscar Felgueiras' Meccano website
Site hosts downloadable illustrated lists of new parts and new sets from the 1981-2006 period, and a description of Oscar's Meccano literature compilation project
Peter Finneys' Meccano Web Pages
My current and past models. Meccano Magazine (low resolution scans).
Peter Sullivan's Swiss/French Meccano pages
Curious and visual information on Meccano UK's earlier exports to the Swiss market and Meccano France's outfits.
Ralph & Sues's Meccano
Ralph & Sue's personal Meccano site - Latest news!
Rémi's Meccano pages
Library of scanned Meccano manuals, pictures of my models, and general Meccano interest pages
Somerville Meccinv Software
MeccInv makes keeping a Meccano/Erector parts inventory easy and can be configured to suit any collection
Southern California Meccano & Erector Club
Meccano and Erector news from the USA
The South East London Meccano Club
Our website includes a gallery of models, Meccano articles, and details of our forthcoming meetings and exhibitions

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