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Meccano Magazines  1958-64
1958 | 1959 | 1960 | 1961 | 1962 | 1963 | 1964

This is a summary of the Meccano contents of Meccano Magazines from 1958 to 1964: 



-  'Model of the Month' series.  Instructions had to be sent for separately.


-  Elementary Model


-  Medium Size Model
Blue -  Advanced Model


-  Mechanism Only

The best magazines are those with blue text in the left hand column.  This indicates an advanced model with full instructions.  In this respect, the magazines improved noticably towards the end of the period - particularly after the page size was increased in 1961.


Meccano Magazines 1958

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Office Chair, outfit 0
Hammerhead Crane, outfit 4
Delivery Van, outfit 6
Sanding Machine
Crane Control Unit
Grain Carrying Wind-Jammer
Eiffel Tower
Automatic Box Filling Machine (motm)
February Aircraft Carrier, outfit 1
Aeroplane Roundabout, outfit 3

Optical Pattern Machine
Slotting Machine

Pawl & Ratchet Mechanism
Automatic Reversing Mechanism
Merchant Ship
Chevrolet Van
Hammerhead Crane, outfit 9 (motm)
March Mechanical Shovel, outfit 0
Drilling Machine
Intermittent Drive
Meccanograph Crown Head
Albion 'Chieftain' Lorry
Funicular Railway (motm)
April Motor Cycle & Side Car, outfit 0
Garage Crane, outfit 2

Photographic Dish Rocker
Lever Lock
Simple Steering Gear
Pacific-Type Locomotive
Showmans' Traction Engine
Shaping Machine (motm)
May Swing, outfit 00
Hammerhead Crane, outfit 2

Ocean Liner, outfit 5
Independent Suspension
Gearless Reversing Mechanism
3-Speed & Reverse Gearbox
Vanwall Racing Car
Mechanical Coal Handling Plant
Giant Boring & Turning Mill
HMS Termagent
Competition Results
Picture Competition
June Level Crossing, outfit 00
Oil Tanker, outfit 3

Breakdown Lorry, outfit 5
Internal Bearing
Automatic Reversing Mechanism

Scammel Tractor
Dyson Trailer
Scenic Railway
Breakdown Lorry
Competition Entries
July Tractor, outfit 0
Biplane, outfit 1

Map Reader
Loading Shovel
Penny-in-the-Slot Mechanism
Independent Rear Suspension
River Kwai Bridge   
August Derrick Crane, outfit 0
Tramcar, outfit 3 
Skittles Game

Magazine Stand

Rachet & Pawl Mechanism
Belt Tensioning Device
Maltese Cross Movement
'Emett' Train Mechanisms Competition
September Ox and Covered Wagon, outfit 1
Lathe, outfit 3

Aerial Cableway, outfit 6
Variable Diameter Winding Drum
Intermittent Motion Mechanism
Centrifugal Clutch
Automatic Reversing Mechanism Mechanisms Competition
October Windmill, outfit 0
Platform Weighing Machine, outfit 2
Tractor & Bottom Dump Truck, outfit 4
Vertiveyor Competition
November Sledge, outfit 0
Articulated Tanker, outfit 3

4-Movement Gearbox
Centrifugal Governor
Big Wheel
Adding Machine (motm)
Vertiveyor Competition
December Trapeze Artist, outfit 00
Motor Boat, outfit 4
Rack & Pinion Steering
1914 Omnibus
Electric Mobile Crane (motm)
Vertiveyor Competition


Meccano Magazines 1959

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Steelyard Balance, outfit 1
Travelling Crane, outfit 2

Weather Profit
Tower Crane, outfit 5
Reversing Mechanism
Simple Brake
Hand Loom (motm) Vertiveyor Competition
February Mobile Light Crane, outfit 0
Helicopter, outfit 2

Reversing Mechanism
Maltese Cross Mechanism
Automatic Transmission
Paper Ruling Machine (motm)
March Fire Escape, outfit 1
Roundabout, outfit 3

Sports Car, outfit 4
Front Wheel Drive
Crawler Track
Baltic Tank Locomotive
Automatic Sawmill Plant
Penny-in-the-Slot Gift Machine (motm)
April See-Saw, outfit 00
Articulated Lorry, outfit 2

Galleon, outfit 5
Steering Column Gear Change
Silent Free-Wheel
Variable Speed Drive
Racing Car Parts Competition
May Water Well, outfit 2
Veteran Car, outfit 3

Animated Dinky Toys Display
Reversing Gearbox
Double Reduction Rear Axle
Adjustable Cam
Elephant Birds & Beasts Competition
June High Chair
Beam Bridge, outfit 3
Rainbow Disc Machine
Centrifugal Clutch
Chevrolet Sports Car
July Roundabout
Market Gardener's Truck, outfit 3

Printing Machine, outfit 6
Dog Clutch
Twin Rear Axle
Triumph Herald Chassis
Vertiveyor Results
August Magazine did not appear, due to a printer's strike
September Log Sawing Machine, outfit 1
Try Your Strength Machine, outfit 2

Hoist & Gantry
Lever Locking Device
Flexible Coupling
Novel 2:1 Drive
Water Pumping Plant
Picture Competition
October Wire Twisting Machine, outfit 1

Tank Locomotive, outfit 5
Expanding Brake
Winding Drum & Gearbox
Fork Lift Truck Picture Competition
November Helicopter, outfit 0
Dragline, outfit 3

Water Truck, outfit 7
Winding Drum Unit
Roller Bearing
Book-Binding Frame
December Caddie Car, outfit 0

Steering Mechanism
Wobble Shaft Variable Gear
Telescope Stand
Jig-Saw Cutter
Birds & Beasts Results


Meccano Magazines 1960

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Knife Grinder
Forward Control Lorry, outfit 2

Platform Weighing Machine (SML)
Ball Bearing
Safety Device for Cranes
Mechanical Shovel
February Woodturning Lathe
Boxer, outfit 3

4-Wheel Steering Mechanism
Constant Direction Mechanism
Conveyor Belt
Saddle Tank Locomotive
March Racing Car, outfit 0
Mechanical Hacksaw

Spinning Wheel
Forward & Reverse Gearbox
Self-Changing Gearbox
April Steam Wagon, outfit 4
Traction Engine, outfit 7
Mechanical Shovel Competition
May The Fencers, outfit 1
Rear Tipping Truck, outfit 2

Railway Service Crane, outfit 7
2:1 Drive
Clutch Mechanism
Penny-in-the-Slot Driving Game
Steam-Driven Carriage
Competition Results
June Garage Crane, outfit 2
Bren Gun Carrier
Winding Mechanism
Automatic Reversing Mechanism
Transporter Bridge, outfit 7 (motm)
Simplicity Competition
July Motor Scooter
Chariot & Horses, outfit 3

Crane Grab
Steering Gear
Coal Lorry
Blaw Knox Grader
August Loading Shovel
Mechanical Hammer

Intermittent Drive
Novel Oscillating Mechanism
September Towing Tractor & Trailer, outfit 3
Intermittent Drive
E15R Speed Governor
Tipping Lorry
Armoured Rocket Launcher, outfit 10
October Gantry Crane, outfit 2
3-Wheel Sports Car

Oscillatory Epicyclic Movement
Inconstant Speed Gearbox
Jodrell Bank Telescope
Mechanical Excavator (motm)
November Sand Yacht
Saloon Car, outfit 3

Automatic Reversing Mechanism
Torsion Bar Suspension
Block-Setting Crane (motm)
December Punching Machine, outfit 1
Tipping Truck, outfit 3

Road Roller, outfit 7
Reversing Mechanism
Automatic Brake
Cargo Ship
Royal Yacht 'Britannia'
Jodrell Bank Telescope


Meccano Magazines 1961

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Light Crane, outfit 0
Extending Mast Vehicle, outfit 4


Twin-Drive thru Roller Bearing
2-Pedal Transmission
4-4-0 Locomotive and Tender
February Road Grader, outfit 4
'Aunt Sally' Game
Wankel Engine
Meccanograph Competition
March Elevator Loader, outfit 2
Helicopter, outfit 4
Roundabout, outfit 7
April Fire Escape, outfit 8+
Variable Pitch Propeller
Crane Amusement Machine Competition
May Deisel Locomotive, outfit 2
Slotting Machine, outfit 4

Working Fretsaw Machine
Eiffel Tower
June Tower Crane, outfit 5
Wall Clock
July Roundabout
Automatic Gear Change
'Autostacker' Car Park
Bus Chassis
Stationary Steam Engine
August Water Cart
Catering Van, outfit 4
Skiffle Group
September Tug Boat
Ratchet Lever
Automatic Reversing Mechanism
Friction Crane Grab
Brian Rowe & Traction Engines  
October Fokker Triplane
Knife Grinder
Scenic Railway (motm)
Trench Digger
November Swing Boat, outfit 2
Rear Dump Truck, outfit 4

Snow Plough, outfit 7
Motor Chassis Competition
December Boring Machine Various Transport Models
Model 10.6 shows red flat girders
Tram showing 191 with central hole


Meccano Magazines 1962

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Paper-Folding Machine (last motm)
Canadian Caboose

Automatic Trolley (follows white line)
February Radio Jeep
Railway Service Crane, outfit 3

Meccanograph, outfit 8

Front Wheel Drive
First Advert for New Meccano
March Sports Car
Sports Car
Power Press
Giant Walking Dragline
Article about New Meccano
April Saloon Car, outfit 3
Ticket Machine
Jet Aircraft
Competition Results
May Railway Service Crane
Loading Shovel, outfit 4

Fiddler's Blocksetting Gear
June Penny-Farthing and Rider
Wall Clock
July Sports Viewfinder
Trip Hammer
Flyboats, outfit 4
Platform Weighing Machine (SML)
Gantry Crane
August Milling Machine
Forge Crane, outfit 6
Side Dumper Truck
Article about Emebo motor
First Advert for Emebo motor

Meccano at Stockholm Fair
September Lawn Edge Trimmer

Monoplane, outfit 2
3-Wheel Sports Car, outfit 2
Gravel Grading Machine
Giant Hammerhead Crane
Baltic Tank Locomotive
October Marine Engine
Veteran Car

Pre-Selector Gearbox
November 'Puffing Billy' Heay-Duty Vehicle Chassis
Articulated Lorry
December Boxer
'Cum-Bak' Toy
Pecking Hen

Five-Pin Bowling Alley


Meccano Magazines 1963

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Biplane
Timer for Camera
Thorneycroft Truck
February Beaming Frame for Loom
Drop Stamp Forge, outfit 6
March Power Saw
Paper Perforating Machine

4-Speed and Reverse Gearbox
Reversing Device
L.N.E.R. Locomotive
Eiffel Tower
April Go-Kart
Penny Slot Vending Machine
Showmans' Traction Engine
Hammerhead Crane
Article on Mechanisms Manual
May 4-6-0 Locomotive First Advert for Elektrikit
Article on Elektrikit
June Old-Time Cabriolet
Tender for above Loco
Creeper Track
3 Meccanomens' Stories
July Mictrotome Various Locomotives
August Mobile Crane, outfit 6 Breakdown Crane
Mechanical Shovel
Showmans' Traction Engine
Radial Planing Machine
Merchant Ship
September Polariscope
Showmans' Traction Engine
Pacific-Type Locomotive Meccanoman's Story
October Horizontal Steam Engine, outfit 2+
Braiding Machine
Movie Equipment
November Roundabout, outfit 3
Tower Crane
TV Camera Competition
December Radar Tower
Torsion Bar Suspension
Leaf Spring Suspension
3-Speed and Reverse Gearbox


Meccano Magazines 1964

Month Models with Full Instructions Photographs or Partial Instructions Miscellaneous
January Vintage Car
Heavy-Duty Clutch
Twin Rear Axle Drive
Advert for Meccano Trade Fair
February Soap-Box Cart, outfit 2
'Twist' Roundabout
Sports Car Chassis
Hammerhead Crane
March Mobile Crane
Dodgem Track and Car
April Elektrikit Dynamo
Stone Crusher
Working Crane
May Food Mixer, outfit 4
Blackpool Tower, outfit 7
Forward and Reverse Gearbox
Animated Window Display
June Sifting Machine
Showman's Traction Engine
Last Advert for Red &
Green Meccano
Competition Results

Dealers List, part 1
July Tower Bridge
Flying Aeroplanes Roundabout
Dealers List, part 2
August Powered Cultivator
Counting Machine
Dealers List, part 3
Article on New Colours and Sets
First Advert for New Sets
September Invalid Carriage
Dealers List, part 4
October Go-Kart
Mechanical Horse and Trailer, outfit 4

Cutting Machine
Contra-Rotating Mechanism
G.P.O. Tower 'Toys of Today' Exhibition
November Roundabout
Delivery Van
2-Speed and Reverse Gearbox
Scammell Concrete Mixer
Fork Lift Truck
December Pleasure Launch, outfit 3
Roulette Wheel
1905 Rolls Royce
First advert for Richard II
6-speed Motor and Gearbox

Meccanomans' Guide Advertised


Notes on Meccano Magazines
Publisher:  Meccano Ltd, Liverpool
Page Size:  5 1/2"x 8"
Price:  1/3
This issue did not appear, due to a printers' strike
October 1959 Typographical error on the front cover: The slanting 'O' in Meccano was printed the wrong way round.  This was corrected during the print run.
January 1961 Page size increased to 7 1/2"x 9 1/2"
Publisher:  Thomas Skinner & Co., London
End of Volume XLVIII (14 issues)
Page size increased to 8 1/4"x 11"
Lower case 'meccano' logo on front cover.  Separate Meccano section.
Price increased to 1/6


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