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Changes in 1960

There were no changes to the outfits, which were the same as the 1959 ones, apart from the three colour variations mentioned below.  See previous page for 1960 outfits

The E020 'Cricket Ball' electric motor was discontinued in April.

Price lists were changed from portrait to landscape format, and could also be used as order forms.  A space was now included alongside each part to write the quantity required.  Separate order forms had previously been available.  See here for the first page of a 1959 order form (courtesy C. Weston).

The No.10 presentation chest was discontinued, in favour of the new 4-drawer cabinet.  The 10P and 10D designations were therefore dropped.

There were three colour changes in 1960:  At the beginning of the year, the Wheel Flange was changed from light red to blue.  The back of the manuals always showed the Wheel Flange in red, although the 2" and 3" Pulleys had been retouched to blue since February 1958.  Sometime between July and December 1960, the Conical Disc changed from light red to blue, and the metal parts tin changed from gold to a light green colour.

The first leaflet in the unpublicised "More New Models" series was released in November 1960. See here for details
Wheel Flanges and Conical Discs Conical Discs and Wheel Flanges changed from light red to blue in 1960.

One wonders why it took over two years to match the colour of the Conical Disc with that of the centre of the Road wheels, only a few months before the Road Wheel became obsolete!

1960  Sales Leaflet

Leaflet 5/60

Leaflet 5/60

Two pages from the May 1960 sales leaflet.  The photograph on the left is interesting because it is one of only two known sales photographs which shows the early 1959 small parts box.  This parts box is the wrong one for the period, but at least it is only one year out of date!  The outfits inside the leaflet are still shown with the yellow boxes from 1958.  Details and confusions of the parts boxes

Outfit 2 in 1959 Leaflet

Outfit 2 in 1960 leaflet

By 1960 the layout of the No.2 outfit, which was completely wrong in the 1959 leaflet, had been corrected; and the boy's mother had washed his pullover.

This advert in the 1961 Gamages catalogue (issued in 1960) also shows the No.2 outfit with the wrong layout, but it's a different photograph from the Meccano leaflet.  (Courtesy R. Jaggard)

"More New Models" Leaflets

At the end of 1960, the first leaflet in this almost-unknown series was issued.  These small folded leaflets were supplied to members of the Meccano Guild, and other registered owners of Meccano outfits, and contained instructions for building additional models.  Whether they were also available to pick up from dealers is not known.  The models were of an elementary nature, and could mostly be built with one of the smaller outfits, plus a few additional parts.  An ideal way to boost the sales of spare parts!
The series is interesting as the instructions were in the same exploded diagram format as the forthcoming 1962 manuals.  However, the first leaflet was issued in November 1960, so it predates those manuals by 15 months.  Were these leaflets used as a design excercise to test the feasibility of this method for the new 1962 manuals?  Print Refs.

More New Models 1

More New Models 8

The first New Models Leaflet, published in late 1960

New Models Leaflet No. 8 (courtesy C. Weston)

The series was published over a number of years, and ended in 1962 or later.
Each leaflet contained instructions for building two models, as follows:

1 Mobile Light Crane / Mechanical Excavator 6 Scooter / Sports Car
2 Diesel Road Roller / Heavy Recovery Tractor 7 Veteran Motor Car / Low Loader Vehicle
3 Fork Lift Truck / Lorry-Mounted Cement Mixer 8 Gantry Crane / Mobile Light Crane
4 Horse and Covered Wagon / Multi-Bucket Unit 9 Engineer's Lathe / Tractor
5 Golf Buggy / Single-Deck Tramcar

There were few changes to the Meccano system in 1960,
probably because the company was heavily involved with
the aquisition of the Bayko construction toy.  The production
of Bayko was moved to the Meccano factory, and completely
new Bayko outfits and packaging were launched.
Bayko set

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