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Trade Items and Literature

This page contains some examples of trade items and literature, dealers' display units and models, etc.

If you have any information which would be suitable for this page, please email me with the information or photos, etc.

Trade and Factory Literature: (click on item to view)
Meccano letterheading from this period - (courtesy R.Jaggard)
1958 Dealers leaflet  (showing blue/black Road Wheels)
1959 Parts order form
- (courtesy C.Weston)
1960 Canadian dealers' parts order form - (courtesy G.Rahn)
February 1963 Delivery note  from Hanson Road Liverpool 9,  not Binns Road - (courtesy C.Weston)
Magic Motor servicing leaflet - (courtesy G.Jost)
No.1 Clockwork Motor servicing leaflet - (courtesy G.Jost)
Emebo Motor servicing leaflet - (courtesy G.Jost)
Letter from Meccano - October 1957 (MOTM instructions) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano - December 1957 (motor speeds) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano - October 1959 (transformers) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano - November 1962
(supermodel leaflets) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano - October 1963 (spare parts) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano Magazine - March 1960 (competition prize) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Letter from Meccano Magazine - July 1960 (competition prize) - (courtesy J.Attard)
Meccano Magazine Envelope - October 1960 - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Meccano Envelope - January 1961 - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Dinky Toys Club Envelope - October 1961 - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Meccano Guild Envelope - November 1961 - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Meccano Guild Envelope - March 1962 - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Letter from Meccano Guild - October 1961 (More New Models) - (courtesy J.Nuttall)
Letter from Meccano Guild - 1962? (After-Sales Service) - (courtesy J.Nuttall)  Note the sting in the tail

Pension Scheme Documents:
1957 Pension Scheme (date 6/63) and Certificate - (courtesy R.Jaggard)
1957 Meccano Group Life Assurance Scheme (date 9/61) - (courtesy R.Jaggard)
"Q" Scheme Certificate (date 2/62) - (courtesy R.Jaggard)

1950s 6-Drawer Dealers' Cabinet

Dealers cabinet

Above: Front and rear view of a 1950s 6-drawer dealers' display cabinet.  This was used to hold the dealer's stock of spare parts for sale to the public; with the display card facing to the front and the drawers to the back.  This cabinet has been restored and restocked by Greg Rahn using red and green parts in their original packaging, as far as is possible.  The cabinet is 23 1/2" wide and made from oak.  Earlier versions of this cabinet from the medium red & green period up to about 1954 were painted in a maroon colour and slightly smaller, but the light red & green version was left in a natural oak finish.  The parts display card shown here is c.1956/7.  A light red/green version of this card was never produced, as by the time the new parts of 1962 came along the dealers cabinet was just about obsolete.  By this time there were very few new dealers who wanted to stock a comprehensive range of spare parts; and a simpler self-service dispenser was introduced. See here.  (Photos G. Rahn)

Below: The six drawers stocked up with mint parts from the medium and light red & green periods.

See the 5-Drawer French Dealers Cabinet

Below: Another dealers' cabinet from the late 50's, stocked with parts. (Photos Börje Thelin & S.Coultas)

Parts Card

Parts Card

Layout card from a 1953 cabinet, showing the official layout of the parts.  Note that there is no space for the 167b, and no space for any parts over 12 1/2" long.  Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger picture (Courtesy Börje Thelin) Layout card from a 1960 cabinet, showing the official layout of the parts.  Long Angle Girders are now stored diagonally in the bottom drawer, as in the new No.10 cabinet. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger picture (Coustesy C. Weston)
These handsome wooden dealers' cabinets now bring back many nostalgic memories to Meccano enthusiasts.  During the 50's and 60's a visit to the Meccano shop would be a real treat. Many happy hours would be spent there drooling over this fabulous cabinet packed full of shiny new Meccano parts, and trying to decide what to buy with last week's pocket money.

See the 5-Drawer French Dealers Cabinet

1958 Dealers' Box

During the 1950s, a smaller dealers' box was also available for use by dealers not wanting to stock the full range of spare parts.  This box was painted a maroon colour.  In 1958, the box was finished in a natural wood colour, and the thin hardboard top and bottom were replaced by stronger plywood panels.  The 1958 version of this box was also sold to the general public, for the storage of Meccano parts.  See the 1958 advert.

The two dealers' boxes in the photographs are packed with Meccano parts, mostly from the light red and green period, and have a display card on the lid showing medium red and green parts.  A light red and green version of this display card was never produced.
(photos courtesy T.Press & S.Coultas)

Meccano Mechanism Display Board from the late 1950s


Front and rear views of display board, showing motor and drive trains.  The display board features nine separate mechanisms, all driven by a single Fracmo electric motor.  The mechanisms include a differential, automatic reversing gearbox, self-changing 2-speed gearbox, and examples of gear and sprocket drives.   (Photos courtesy R.Jaggard)
Click here for detail close-up photographs of the Mechanism Display Board


1961 Dealers' Display Models

61/1 Windmill Pump
61/2 Animated Cat
61/3 Small Traction Engine
61/4 Rocket Locomotive
61/5 Excavator and Dumper
61/6 Compressor Unit
61/7 High-Speed Press
61/8 Television Set
61/9 Windmill
61/10 Big Wheel
61/11 Small Robot
61/12 Jet Planes
61/13 Panel Display of Mechanisms
61/14 Tower Bridge
61/15 Blackpool Tower
61/16 Eiffel Tower
61/17 Rocket Launching Platform
61/18 Funicular Railway

1962 Dealers' Display Units and Models

Outfit display


Manual display
(Photos courtesy R. Jaggard)

Above: 1962 Motorised Meccano outfit display unit to show off the new M sets.  The set lid was opened and closed automatically.  Note that the outfit in the display is actually a No.2, with a No.3 outfit standing at the back.
Below: Photograph of an actual unit, minus the outfit 3.
Above: A 1962 motorised Manuals display unit, for the display of the new exploded-vew manuals.  This was fitted with an automatic page turner to provide a continuous display of each page.
Below:  Meccano Parts display board. See this page for more information

Dealer display unit
(All photos courtesy R. Jaggard)

Dealer unit

1962 Display models shown:

62/1 Display Stand
62/2 American 4-4-0 Locomotive
62/3 Display of Mechanisms
62/4 Rocket Locomotive
62/5 Meccano Outfit Display
62/7 New Manuals Display
62/8 Animated Car Chassis and Body
62/9 Robot
62/11 Gantry Crane
62/12 Revolving Big Wheel
62/13 Rotating Flying Chairs
62/14 Blackpool Tower


1963 Dealers' Leaflet

Trade leaflet
(All photos courtesy R.Jaggard)

Dealer stand

 Two pages from the 1963 dealers' leaflet, showing the new Elektrikit, but the old 1959-61 series of outfits on the display stand!  Outfits 1, 2, 3 and 4 are shown.


1963 Dealers' Display Models

(all photos courtesy R.Jaggard)

1963 Display models shown:  63/1 Vintage Car, 63/2  2-2-2 Crewe-Type Locomotive, 63/3 Contractor’s Crane, 63/4 Cable Car, 63/5 Bridge with moving Dinky Toys, 63/6 Big Wheel (illuminated), 63/7 Perpetual Table Tennis Ball Display, 63/8 Gantry Crane, 63/9 Octopus (illuminated), 63/10 Tower Bridge (illuminated), 63/11 Flying Cigars (Dive Bomber), 63/12 Giant Windmill Pump (illuminated).

Display Locomotive

Model 63/1 Vintage Car

Model 62/2 American 4-4-0 Locomotive  (Photo courtesy C. Weston)


Model 62/8 Car Chassis

Helicopter (unrestored) (Photo courtesy D. Layne)

Showman's Traction Engine, showing drive arrangement behind the backboard

Tower Bridge (unrestored)

Model 63/2  2-2-2 Crewe-Type Locomotive (unrestored)

Model 62/4 Rocket Locomotive - unrestored (Photo courtesy B. Thompson)

 Rocket Locomotive - restored (Photo courtesy P.Webb)

Mansfield Stone Crusher

This is not strictly a Dealers Display model, but probably even more interesting!

It is a working model of a Mansfield Stone Crusher, and was built specially for Frank Mansfield & Co. Ltd. by Meccano's Model Building Department to coincide with the publication of the plans for it in the Meccano Magazine.  It appeared in the April 1964 issue.

"Mansfields went into liquidation in the nineties and this is all that remains of the company.  It has an Emebo motor and full moving parts, and is an exact miniature replica of the real thing."

(Thanks go to Tony Dulson for this interesting story and photographs)

Right:  The model as it appeared in the April 1964 MM


Below:  Display models from a former Meccano dealer in Oakland, California (Louis Maillefer)

Suspended Monorail
This is a unique display model that once ran in the Binns Road showroom.  Louis Maillefer bought the model on a visit to the factory in the early 1960's.  The model ran on a large circuit in the factory, with the cars travelling in opposite directions.  This model was featured in the SCM&EC Newsletter 3/2008.
(Photos courtesy A. Calleia)
Model 63/7 Perpetual Table Tennis Ball Display
Table tennis balls are lifted by continuous chain up to the top, where they fall down the  chutes to the bottom, to be picked up again.  Note the use of the new Transparent Plastic Plates.  The end ones are 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" plates which have been bent underneath.   The rotating display board at the top is missing, although the mechanism can still be seen.  (Photo courtesy C. Pack)

Model 63/8 Automatic Gantry Crane  (Photo courtesy A. Calleia)


Elektrikit Display Unit

  Elektrikit display unit

The impressive Elektrikit display unit.  The models on the top are all from the Elektrikit manual.

The unit contained an electric motor, which presumably turned the windmill and the induction motor, and possibly operated the level-crossing barriers intermittently?

Illumination was also provided, but this may have been confined to the bulbs on the windmill and  the level-crossing.

Were Meccano themselves ashamed of the artwork on the box lid?  Looks like they used the windmill to cover it up!

(Photo courtesy R. Jaggard)

Display Motor

As Meccano motors were never intended to be run continuously, Meccano Ltd. used geared motors by various manufacturers (Klaxon, Hillman, Fracmo, etc.) to run their display models.  An example of a Fracmo motor from a display model is shown above.  Later, small shaded pole induction motors were used.
(Photo courtesy O.Nenninger)


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