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If you want to try some unsuccessful attempts at arranging your own music, you'll probably need some sheet music to start off with.  It is not generally known that can supply a large amount of sheet music to cater for your every needs.  Everything from short songs to quite big songs, and even complete operas.  Just click the GO button to find the music you've been looking for.

Ignore the message that says "Find books now".  It should really say "Find sheet music now".  The cause of the fault is being investigated.


Getting Started on the John Smith Busker Organ

Art of Organ Building (Volume 1 of 2)

The Art of Organ Building (Volume 2 of 2)

Organ Building for Amateurs  No longer available

How to Build a Small Two Manual Pipe Organ

The Cambridge Companion to the Organ...


More books coming when they've been written


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Warning:  This is not an Emailophone(TM) although it looks
like the gramophone makers have copied my idea.

Disclaimer:  These books are very good, but do not buy them and then complain to me that you don't like them.  I do not know what books you like.



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