Are you thinking of buying a STREET ORGAN or a FAIR ORGAN?
Then look no further and buy one from us
(in that order).

All of our organs are built by skilled craftsmen using wood.  We use only proper wood that is grown on wooden trees.

After marking out the shape of the organ on the wood with a pencil, we cut out the pieces of wood with a saw, and then use only the finest nails to join the pieces of wood together until the organs are finished.  We do not use sticky glue, or rusty screws of any kind.

The bellows are made from the strongest raincoats we could find, and the pneumatic action inside the organ is fashioned from the toughest dustbin bags available, to ensure a long life and trouble-free operation, with the minimum of lubrication.  Throughout the organ, superior materials are utilised, even where you can't see them.  For instance, only drainpipes which have passed our very stringent inspection procedures will find their way into our pneumatic trunking.

The motors and other electrical equipments are taken from the finest scrap washing machines off  the local dump.  Only the best 'pre-owned' laundering appliances are selected for this important recycling process.

As you will appreciate, nowhere is it more important to maintain strict attention to detail and materials than in the skilful fashioning of the organ pipework.  For these we use only cardboard from the most brightly-printed cornflake packets.  This policy ensures that the tonal quality of the finished instrument has to be heard to be believed.

Anybody who has ever heard an Organs R'Us organ will aGREE:
"It HAS to be an Organs R'Us organ for ME"

(This slogan should be said so that it ryhmes)

Please select the organ of your choice:
Smalll organ mounted on an old wheelbarrow


Larger organ mounted on an old wheelbarrow


Bigger organ with a handle sticking out the side


Even bigger organ with a handle sticking out the back, and some knobs
sticking out the side


Biggest organ you can buy, with 4 wheels, and a door round the back


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