Now you can hear my music, even if you don't own an organ - provided you've got a CD player

If you want to hear what my music sounds like before you buy it, you can now do so by listening to a CD which I've recorded it on (with your ears).  Just put the CD on your gramophone and wind it up. My music will automatically come out of your loudspeaker(s) or your headphone(s) without further intervention (except that you might have to turn your Volume knob up or down a bit).  Click Here to hear samples of the CDs.

I am recording complete CD collections of all of my music for the most popular organ scales. These recordings are very good, and in crystal clear stereo sound, with no noise.  They are fully enriched with musical goodness and wholesome audio nourishment, and yet they take up no more room that ordinary CDs.  Please don't buy them if you are expecting any rubbish. Neither do these CDs need any additional lubrication.  They will last a lifetime.  Pass them down to your ancestors.

Now you can hear what "Ich Kauf Mir Lieber Einen Tiroler Hut" sounds like, and other tunes which you've never heard of but were afraid to admit it.  

The 20-note and 31-note CD sets are now available, and others may follow in due course, depending on popularity. CDs can be purchased individually, or as a complete set for each organ scale.  Each CD contains over an hour of music (except for the last CD in each set), and the price is only £4.95 each.  If you buy a complete set of CDs for one organ scale, you will receive one of the CDs absolutely free of charge (whether you want it or not).

Collect the whole set(s), and buy some spares to swap with your friends.

ORDER CDs         Warning:  These CDs contain digital encodings of masterpieces.

(UK post & packing is £1 for any number of CDs up to a hundred.  So the more you buy,
the less you will have to spend on postage, even though it costs the same amount)

20-Note CD Collection
Individual CDs - £4.95
 Buy now    Price for complete set - £34.65  Buy now

Vol.1: Manhattan beach, Old comrades, Too old to dream, Mother Kelly's doorstep, Through night to light, How nice is the merry-go-round, Schutzenliesel, Der vogelhandler, It's good to be young, Aces high, Lambada, Berliner luft, Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Yankee Doodle, Sing-a-long favourites, Spanish eyes, Im d-zug, Sheik of Araby, Whistling Rufus, Blind eyes, Bummel petrus, William Tell.

Vol.2: Chitty chitty bang bang, Here comes the circus, Liberty Bell, Post horn gallop, In Munchen steht, Marching through Georgia, Ich kauf mir lieber, Goodbye Dolly Gray, Double eagle, Christmas medley 1, Wartime favourites, Chapel in the moonlight, Col. Bogey, Glass mountain, Bless em all, Come what may, El capitan, Es geht alles voruber, Espana waltz.

Vol.3: Over the waves, Our director, Tulips from Amsterdam, Sussex by the sea, La paloma, Snow White, Valencia, Special occasions, Geordie medley, Christmas medley 2, Stein song, Clarinet polka, Gay Gordons medley, Lord of the dance, Song of freedom, Lily the pink, Hoch Heidecksburg

Vol.4: The thunderer, Circus renz, Piper in the meadow, Wellington march, San Antonios rose, Faust waltz, The can can, Paree, Blowing bubbles, Capt.Pugwash, Bluebell polka, Regards to Broadway, Music music music, Puppet on a string, Bridges of Paris, Radetsky, Boogie woogie baby, Georgia camp meeting, O sole mio, Harmonious blacksmith, The wedding, Umbrella song, RAF march past, Land of hope and glory, English country garden, Hoempa hoempa tetere, Magic Roundabout, Fame and glory, See the conquering hero.

Vol.5: Mexican medley, Favourite hymns 1, Slaves' chorus, Lumberjack song, Hallelujah chorus, Gold and silver, Christmas medley 3, Savoy American medley, Der true husar, Haydn serenade, Lili Marlene, It's a small world, Beer barrel polka, Favourite hymns 2, Bavarian polka, Come to the fair, Black bottom, Knees up mother Brown.

Vol.6: Estudiantina, Nuns chorus, Party dance favourites, Lohengrin, Christmas medley 4, Streets of London, Humoresque, See me dance the polka, Favourite hymns 3, Ma he's making eyes, Crystal chandeliers, Daisy Bell, La cucaracha, Land of my fathers, Gershwin favourites, Bluebells of Scotland, Red wing, Sun has got hs hat on, Imperial echoes, St.Anthony chorale.

Vol.7: Happy wanderer, Il bacio, Marche militaire, Lovely bunch of coconuts, La petite tonkinoise, Puff the magic dragon, Gilly gilly ossenfeffer, Oh Mr porter, Oom-pah-pah, Punjab march, La ronde, Red sails in the sunset, Tiroler holzhacker, Match of the day, Moonlight bay, For ever and ever, Battle hymn, Wooden heart, Teddy bears picnic, Me and my teddy bear, Que sera sera, Wheels, French collection, Oh mama, King cotton, Shortnin' bread, On Ilkley moor, Blue Danube.

Vol.8: Phantom of the opera, Dancing queen, Mary Poppins, If you knew Susie, La vie en rose, J'attendrai, Rolf favourites, Mamma Mia, Il silenzio, Tie a yellow ribbon, Beside the seaside, Jolly good company, Yes we have no bananas, Heykens serenade, Wallace and Grommit, Comb and paper polka, Parade of the tin soldiers, Coppelia mazurka, Hello Dolly, Take me out to the ball game, Is this the way to Amarillo? Gimme gimme gimme.

31-Note CD Collection
Individual CDs - £4.95  Buy now    Price for complete set - £44.55  Buy now

Vol.1: Old comrades, Too old to dream, Throught night to light, Schutzenliesel, Toot-Toot-Tootsie, Manhattan beach, Spanish eyes, German waltz, Whistling Rufus, Aces high, Lambada, Berliner luft, Sing-a-long favourites, In Munchen steht, Glass mountain, Liberty bell, Bummel petrus, Chapel in the moonlight, When I'm 64, Ich kauf mir lieber einen, William Tell.

Vol.2: Der Vogelhandler, Under the double eagle, Bless 'em all, Im d-zug gallop, Mary Poppins, Marching through Georgia, Post horn gallop, Come what may, Ave Maria, Blind eyes, Robert E.Lee, Christmas medley 1, Here comes the circus, Es geht alles voruber, Espana waltz, Sheik of Araby, La paloma, It's good to be young, Hoch Heidecksburg.

Vol.3: Tulips from Amsterdam, Over the waves, Yankee doodle, Banditenstreiche overture, Lili Marlene, How nice is the merry-go-round, Clarinet polka, Snow White, Sussex by the sea, Christmas medley 2, Circus renz, The Stein song, Special occasions, Geordie medley, Valencia, Song of Freedom, Lord of the dance, Lily the pink, El capitan.

Vol.4: Gay Gordons medley, Puppet on a string, Streets of London, Wellington march, Piper in the meadow, The can can, I'm forever blowing bubbles, Faust waltz, The thunderer, Capt.Pugwash, Paree, Bluebell polka, Regards to Broadway, Music music music, Bridges of Paris, Boogie woogie baby, Georgia camp meeting, Colonel bogey, Mother Kelly's doorstep, FOPS march, San Antonios rose, Our director, O sole mio, Lumberjack song, Light cavalry overture.

Vol.5: Radetsky march, English country garden, Slaves' chorus, Anvil polka, Gold and silver waltz, Mexican medley, Favourite hymns 1, Fame and glory, Christmas medley 3, Savoy American medley, Harmonious blacksmith, Dambusters, It's a small world, Der true husar, Hallelujah chorus, Bavarian polka, Land of hope and glory.

Vol.6: Wartime favourites, Estudiantina waltz, Favourite hymns 2, Umbrella song, Ceilito lindo, Christmas medley 4, Humoresque, Lynwood march, Nuns' chorus, Rule Britannia, Las Golondrinas, Beer barrel polka, Crystal chandeliers, Lohengrin, Die Fledermaus, Ma he's making eyes, For ever and ever, Mr.Sandman, Hoempa hoempa tetere, Red wing.

Vol.7: Happy wanderer, Gershwin favourites, Thunder and lightning polka, Bluebells of Scotland, Fascination waltz, Beside the seaside, Imperial echoes, Turned out nice again, Party dance favourites, Oom-pah-pah, Moonlight on the Alster, La cucaracha, Land of my fathers, Marche militaire, Favourite hymns 3, Canals of Amsterdam, La petite tonkinoise, Tiroler holzhacker march.

Vol.8: Come to the fair, On Ilkley moor baht 'at, St.Anthony chorale, Daisy bell, Cavalleria Rusticana, Black bottom, Trumpet voluntary, Poet and peasant overture, If you knew Susie, Heykens serenade No.1, Oh Mama, See the conquering hero, French collection, King cotton, Blue Danube, The birdie song, Ever so goosey, Tie a yellow ribbon, Me and my teddy bear, Il bacio, Gilly gilly ossenfeffer…, Shortnin' bread boogie, Lovely bunch of coconuts.

Vol.9: Dancing queen, Chitty chitty bang bang, Wheels, See me dance the polka, Que sera sera, Battle hymn of the republic, Match of the day, Oh Mr.Porter, Mamma mia, The sun has got his hat on, Puff the magic dragon, Moonlight bay, Thieving magpie overture, Rolf favourites, J'attendrai, Teddy bears' picnic, Wooden heart, Gimme gimme gimme, The wedding, Knees up Mother Brown, Comb and paper polka, Parade of the tin soldiers, Il silenzio, Billy Wilson's fair.

Vol.10: Phantom of the opera, Blaze away, Day trip to Bangor, Coppelia mazurka, RAF march, Magic roundabout, Wallace and Gromit, Take me out to the ball game, La ronde, Punjab march, Jolly good company, La vie en rose, Yes we have no bananas, Is this the way to Amarillo?, Abba favourites. (This CD is 44 minutes long.)

MP3 Samples
Clicking on the titles should start your player automatically.
In case of problems Right-click on the title and then choose 'Save As' to save the file(s) to your hard drive.  After saving, Double-click on the file and it should play.
Please note these are compressed files, and do not represent the true quality of the CDs
20-Note Samples: Tie A Yellow Ribbon Hoempa, Hoempa Tetere I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Boogie Woogie Baby Streets Of London Red Wing
If You Knew Susie
31-Note Samples: When I'm Sixty-Four Piper In The Meadow The Sun Has Got His Hat On
Tulips From Amsterdam Hoch Heidecksburg
(Grand March)
Moonlight On The Alster
(Concert Waltz)
Lili Marlene

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