To win a prize, this is all you have to do:

Here is the photograph of the 46 keyless Bruder music from the dust jacket of my web site.  To win the top-secret prize (which is top secret) all you have to do is to tell me the title of the music that is playing.

To help you, I'll give you two clues:
1) The music travels from left to right (assuming you are viewing this monitor from the front)
2) It is just before the middle of the tune
3) The photograph was taken with a camera at a steam fair

If you think you know the answer click on the special Emailophone at the bottom of the page, after reading the competition rules below.

You must also complete the following tie-breaker in as many words as possible:  "Melvyn Wright's music is my best favourite music because ........................ and I would never buy music from anybody else, as it is much more expensive and not as good neither."

Good Luck.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:  I am not allowed to enter the competition myself, and if I do I will throw my entry away.  All incorrect answers, or submissions without names and addresses will be put down the toilet.  The competition closes when I get the first correct response.  No correspondence can be entered into, so don't ask me what the answer is, nor even what the question is.  After the competition closes, the winner will be announced on this page, and I will go down to the zoo to get the secret prize, and send it off.  In the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who submits the longest tie-breaker slogan, or the person with the largest nose.



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