Action Test Rolls and Tuning Books
A proper test roll is essential for keeping the bleed screws in your organ adjusted correctly. My test rolls contain 2 repetition speed tests, alignment and tempo checks, sustain, response and pipe balance checks, a wind supply test, an octave tuning section, and also a short piece of demonstration music. They are the best ones available by far.  They come complete with instructions, spool and box (spool extra on JS Busker test roll).  Test books are also available for most book-playing organs.  Please contact me for details.

Electronic Tuning Meter - £29.90
Keep your organ in perfect tune with this full-feature, low-cost digital tuning meter. This pocket-sized unit runs from two AAA batteries (supplied), and has a built-in microphone for picking up the sound of the pipes. As each note is played, the pitch of the pipe (C,D,F#,etc.) is indicated on the display. Three LEDs indicate whether the pipe is sharp, flat, or exactly in tune. There are 71 calibration settings to cater for all pitches between the range A=410 to A=480Hz. The meter also generates one octave of reference tones if you prefer to tune by listening to a reference pitch.  Supplied with instructions, and 4 pages of general notes on how to use the device for tuning small street and fair organs. Order one now

Electronic tuner

Model CA-30 shown, now replaced by the CA-1 (white)



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