What People have said about this Web Site

 These comments are mostly genuine.  The only comments I have made up are the ones that say that the site is a load of rubbish.

"Wow! - I've never seen anything like it."

"Extremely impressive.  I didn't know it was possible to produce such wonderful material using only a computer and a garden spade."

"Yours was the first of many sites that I found, and it is by far the most useful and the most entertaining."

"What a load of cobblers."

"No, I won't say anything good about your web site - you can keep your fiver."

"It took me over a quarter of an hour to download one of the sound files, before I realised that I hadn't got my computer switched on.  What a waste of time"

"At last somebody has shown that it is OK for mechanical music enthusiasts to have a good laugh, and no harm will come to them  -  well done."

 "I tried to order a theatre ticket on this web site, and my computer just made a rude noise - Needless to say, I'm not very impressed."

"If the music is as good as the web site - heaven help us."

"Your site sucks"  (Thanks.  I hope to make it even better soon - MW)

"Your web site is simply wonderful.  Your sense of humour held my interest far better than some sites with elaborate graphics and other gimmicks.  Well done!"

"What an informative site.  I have finally discovered the truth about steam pianos and street organolas."

"I came across your site quite by accident after searching for 'Melvyn Wright Mechanical Music Arranger'.  Unfortunately, my false teeth fell out as soon as I started to read it."

"What a refreshing change.  So much better than the other boring mechanical music sites which take themselves far too seriously."

"I went to one of the steam rallies advertised on your site, and I got my car stuck in the mud.  Consequently, I don't think your site is very funny."

"Your site is too silly - More please!"

"I enjoy your site. British humor (as we call it) is my favorite and I have been back to your site a time or two just for a good laugh."  (er... it's not supposed to be funny - MW)

"I have looked at every nook and cranny on your site and believe me, I laughed till the tears rolled down my trouser legs."  (I don't think you are taking my site seriously enough - MW)

"Loved it!  If I put a site together I would hope it would be just as fun as informative.  You have accomplish this so not I don't have to worry about it. Thanks"  (not too sure what you're on about, but thanks anyway - MW)

"I like your web pages they are better than the telly, at least they have something different every few days, and the licence fee isn't so expensive."

"Congrats on a superb site, you made me chuckle"

"I had the pleasure of signing on to your web page.  Enjoyed it thoroughly"

"I have just found or should I say your web site found me.  Fantastic music the sound sends the hair on the back of my neck on end - J. Ashford"  (I'm very sorry - MW)

"This site is an absolute riot.  I don't recommend it highly for people who suffer from acute lackofsenseofhumor syndrome.  I service pipe organs in America, and can relate to much of what you are saying."  (America seems like a long way to go, just to service pipe organs - MW)  

"Your Emailophones are a fantastic invention.  Why did nobody ever invent those before?  I have found that if you wind the Emailophone spring up a bit before you start talking, you don't need to shout so loud, because the spring supplies more energy. I also noticed that Emailophone #5 had a loose connection on one of the brass terminals." (Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I now make sure that all Emailophones are regularly checked for loose terminals - MW.)

"Once in a while, I visit www.melvynwright.com, and every time I laugh until I cry.  My compliments to the creator." (Thank you, but the creator didn't do the web site - I did it all by myself - MW.)

"Went to a steam fair this morning with wellies on, very wet, no movement of engines, very wet dog and kids.  No beer tent.  Came home and found your site, much better than the real thing!"

Loved your site.  Can we pay by Master card globalplus or bank transfer? (Yes you can - MW.)

Having just stumbled upon your site, I couldn't not get in touch and say how often I laughed out loud and how much I LOVED your site! You are bookmarked, mate!  Well done, bravo, keep it up, you are a superstar!

"Don't judge the music by the web site.  The music is actually very good!" 

I got an answer to my email in 5 minutes, your customer service is exemplary.  (There's no pleasing some people - MW)

Please send your comments to me, as long as they're not too rude   


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