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About Me:
I am a professional arranger and producer of music for mechanical organs.  This is not a hobby, this has been my full-time occupation since 1989 (although it has also been my hobby since 1965).  I arrange and produce music for almost every type and scale of mechanical organ, from small hand-cranked busker organs up to 56 key fairground organs. Music is produced in the form of cardboard books, paper rolls, computer disks, and micro-chips (I copied this bit from the front page).

I was the first person in the UK (and possibly the world) to develop a successful computer-based music roll editor, and automatic roll and book punching machines.  This was in the days before MIDI or the PC, and consequently no suitable music editing software was available.  Being a professional programmer, I was able to write the necessary software, but I also had to develop an organ which could be connected to the computer to play back the music.  The sytem I devised was written specifically for arranging music rolls and books; with the 'holes' being edited directly on a picture of the music roll on the computer screen.  My system was written up in a 1988 edition of the Key Frame magazine.  The program also contained many other specialist functions such as the ability to configure the editor for different organ scales, and the ability to convert music from one organ scale to another.  I still use this system, as no commercially available general-purpose software could ever match this specialist program for the arranging and production of mechanical music.

My musical arrangements are of top quality, and well-respected throughout the world. I specialise in lively cheerful music with a strong sense of rhythm, particularly marches; but my catalogue includes all types of music (dance, romantic, hymns, classical, popular, overtures, Christmas, etc.). In addition to my own arrangements, I also publish music by other arrangers and composers.  All music rolls are punched out on the highest quality plastic 'paper', which is strong, waterproof, and will not shrink or tear,

 List of Organ Scales for which I supply music


There is no shopping cart on this site.  Just contact me with your order or questions, and you will receive a personal service.  My music roll service is very fast, but cardboard books take much longer.  If you want music rolls, please also see my Busker Organ site.

My music prices range from cheap to cheaper! The price depends upon the format and the duration of the music. My catalogue includes all types of music (dance, romantic, hymns, classical, popular, overtures, Christmas, etc.). and my musical arrangements are of top quality, and well-respected throughout the world. In addition to my own arrangements, I also publish music by other arrangers.

Payments are easily made by Paypal, or you can send me a cheque or a direct bank transfer.  Further details are given when ordering.

If you want music for your Fair Organ or Street Organ, please contact me for a copy of my latest music catalogue for your particular organ.  I supply music for a large number of different scales of organ, so it is not practical for me to publish all my price lists on-line.  Before getting over-excited and throwing a wobbly, please check the list of organ scales below to see whether I supply music for your particular scale.  You can buy CDs of my music here.

Music Roll Punching Service
I also produce music rolls for other music roll suppliers, and for private individuals to play themselves or to sell to friends. Click for details.



These are the LATEST ADDITIONS to my music lists:
Mill In The Forest, Champagne Gallop, Cuckoo Waltz, It Had To Be You, Mammy O'Mine, Waltzing Matilda, Auld Lang Syne,  Oh Listen To The Band, Glenn Miller Medley, Trumpton Favourites, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Life In The Finnish Woods, Is This The Way To Amarillo?

Availability and prices vary for each scale



I can supply music for the following organ scales:


20-22 keyless Trueman, McCarthy, Savins, etc.
27-31 keyless Dean, Leach, McCarthy, etc. (all variants)
30 keyless Chiappa scale
34 keyless Findley
36-42 keyless Dean, McCarthy
41-42 keyless Bruder
46-48 keyless Gavioli scale
46 keyless Bruder
48 keyless Bruder/Chiappa
52-54 keyless Dean

Music books are punched accurately by computer on standard or heavy-duty card, as required.



20 note standard roll scale (Raffin, Deleika, Hofbauer, etc.)
20 note John Smith busker  (now ready-cut)
20 note Castlewood organ  (now ready-cut)
26 note Alderman, Trueman
26 note John Smith Universal
31-note Raffin, Pell, etc.

Music rolls are punched accurately by computer on strong plastic material which will not tear or shrink.



20-note Konzertina (Thuringer Muzikantenschmiede)
21-note Pell Harmonette busker organ
20-note Pell Mini-20

27-35 key Pell MIDI
46-52 key Pell MIDI
Most Odeon MIDI scales
John Smith Topsy organ



In addition to the above scales, I can also arrange music for most non-standard and one-off keyless scales up to a maximum width of 200mm, and 56 keys. Please note that I do not generally supply music for small domestic instruments or organettes. These instruments are not usually sophisticated enough to be able to play my music satisfactorily, as the speed of the paper is too slow. Neither do I supply rolls for pianolas, or similar instruments such as orchestrions, nickelodeons, etc. or anything that has a big brass horn on the top.  Most, if not all, of my music is supplied for organs which are intended for public performance or organ grinding, etc.



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