Steam-Driven Swing Boats

Steam-Driven Carousel

A Steam-Driven Big Wheel

A modern Carousel

A Steam-Driven Helter Skelter

Steam-Driven Dodgems

A modern Fairground Ride (not steam-driven)

Chair-O-Planes (about to collapse)

A small Roller Coaster, as would be found
at a typical steam fair

A Ghost Train, with real Ghosts

THIS WAY to see the Traction Engines

THIS WAY to see the Fair Organs

THIS WAY to buy an Ice Cream

THIS WAY to see the old Tractor and Equipment

THIS WAY to buy some Chips

THIS WAY to see the old Cars and Lorries, etc.

THIS WAY to go back to the entrance

The Virtual Steam Fair is attracting more exhibits all the time.
Come back next year for another look