The organ concerts are always very popular

A Chiappa Organ

A Carl Frei organ, built by Carl Frei

A Home-Made Organ, built by an organ builder

A 14-note Hand Turned Organette

The Magnificent White's Gavioli

An Organ facing the wrong way

A Centenary Organ, built over 1000 years ago

A Gavioli Organ, apparently with 1900 pipes

 A modern Grand Fair Organ on tour

THIS WAY to see the Hand-Turned Organs

THIS WAY to see the Traction Engines

THIS WAY to buy an Ice Cream

THIS WAY to see the old Tractors and Equipment

THIS WAY to see the old Cars and Lorries, etc.

THIS WAY to the Fair

THIS WAY to go back to the entrance

The Virtual Steam Fair is attracting more exhibits all the time.
Come back next year for another look